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Optical Technologies and Microsystems Technology – Future Key Technologies

Within the framework of the joint innovation strategy of the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg (innoBB), the multi-state cluster photonics was built, aiming to provide companies and research institutions access to resources, such as knowledge and capital, at both local and international level.

The activities of the cluster management are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The aim is to promote innovation and cooperation between companies and research institutions with the result of increasing competitiveness for smart, sustainable and integrative growth.

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Cluster Film Optik

Cluster Photonics

Photonics technologies are everywhere! (subtitles available in 7 languages)

What is Photonics?

Photonics Enhanced Data Centers, made in Berlin

Photonics Enhanced Datacenters - made in Berlin

ECOC Exhibition 2017 - Martin Schell - Fraunhofer HHI

Interview mit Prof. Dr. Martin Schell auf der ECOC 2017

Advanced Materials Competition / Berlin

Advanced Materials Competition 2017


CLUSTER REPORT PHOTONICS - Optical Technologies and Microsystemstechnology in Berlin and Brandenburg 2012

Cluster Report Photonics 2012