Company profiles

3s sensors systems solutions GbR
Warener Str. 5
12683 Berlin
5micron GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin

5micron GmbH is a young company which has been located in Berlin-Adlershof since January 2015. The 7-man team develops optical measuring methods and systems, and currently focuses mainly on unusual fields of application for:
-> Highly precise measurements on large or faraway objects
-> Geometric measurement of inaccessible surfaces
-> Geometric measurements in harsh environments

5micron GmbH's current portfolio is made up of two business segments: 1. Surface measurement technology 2. Special illumination systems. The business segment surface measurement technology is concerned primarily with development projects for the aviation industry which are based on optical methods. The methods are:

-> Deflectometry (geometric measurements of dimensions such as length, torsion, roughness etc.). Resolution: 50µm
-> Shadow method (defects inspection (OK / NOK decisions)). Resolution: 20µm
-> Sample projection (analysis of surface structure/topography) resolution: 5µm

In the business segment special illumination systems, the feasibility of data transmission via pulses of light was demonstrated as part of an internal project.

A.L.S. Advanced Laser Diode Systems GmbH
Schwarzschildstr. 6
12489 Berlin
A.S.T. Leistungselektronik GmbH
Brook - Taylor - Str. 10
12489 Berlin
Accu-Sort/Europe GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 3a
14532 Kleinmachnow
ACI Analytical Control Instruments GmbH
Volmerstraße 9a
12489 Berlin
acolma GmbH
Sandbacher Weg 48
12526 Berlin
Active Space Technologies GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Str. 14
12489 Berlin

Active Space Technologies is a European SME offering Engineering services in the aerospace, micro-systems, defense, laser/optics and scientific infrastructure sectors. Active Space Technologies provides design, development and manufacturing solutions, guaranteeing the highest quality and short lead times, with the ability to satisfy even the most unconventional demands of its customers.
Active Space Technologies supplies a wide range of products and systems. Leveraged by the expertise and engineering background acquired in the space sector and by our large partnership network, we can provide a system engineering approach and advanced technology perspective to customers from all technology-demanding branches.
Active Space Technologies has been working, between others for ESA, DLR, OHB, Thales Alenia Space, Kayser Threde.
We offer the following services:

  • Thermal Engineering (including cooling systems design and optimization)
  • Thermoelectric cooling systems (including custom modules and electronics)
  • Thermal and Fluidic simulations
  • Structural Engineering (with extensive FEM capabilities)
  • Mechanical & CAD Design
  • Prototyping & Manufacturing
  • Materials R&D
  • Technology Transfer
  • Project Management and Product Assurance
  • Test Services (thermal, structural, emc).

and products:

  • Transport Containers for advanced equipment
  • Testing Systems, including Vacuum and Thermal Vacuum Systems
  • Insulation Systems and Materials (Aerogels)
  • Test Adapters
Acuros GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Beeskowdamm 3-11
14167 Berlin
Adlares GmbH
Potsdamer Str. 48
14513 Teltow
AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin

The main field of activity of AdlOptica GmbH is versatile refractive Laser Beam Shaping and multi-focus Optics most often transforming Gaussian to flattop intensity profiles and finding applications in numerous industrial and scientific techniques. The result of multi-year experience in developments of the refractive beam shapers and special optics is realized in families of piShaper systems and specialized objectives numbering today more than 60 models which main features are:

•    almost 100% efficiency,
•    spectrum from UV to LWIR,
•    power from mW to kW,
•    CW and ultra-short pulse lasers,
•    narrow spectral band and achromatic,  spot sizes from few microns to several centimetres with capability to enlarge to meters scale,
•    low sensitivity to misalignment makes easy and fast integration of piShaper  in existing equipment or research installations.

Combinations of parameters of piShaper models and other optical systems reflect the real needs of real industrial and scientific applications, most often today there are ready solutions for majority of laser techniques: laser technologies in manufacturing of solar cells, micromachining, glass and sapphire cutting, welding, cutting, drilling, hardening, cladding, ablation, various types of spectroscopy, laser heating in geophysical researches, confocal microscopy, holography, Computer Generated Holograms, interference, variety of techniques based on SLM (spatial light modulators), irradiating photocathode in FEL and many others.

Nevertheless, continuous monitoring of requirements and developing of new beam shapers are the main tasks for the Research & Development of AdlOptica GmbH.

The company’s name AdlOptica is originated from Adlershof, Germany's leading science and technology park locating in Berlin and being famous due to concentration of companies having expertise in various fields of optics.


ADOM Gesellschaft für visuelle Datenkommunikation mbH
Köpenicker Str. 325
12555 Berlin
ADVA Optical Networking SE
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 67008 129

ADVA Optical Networking is a global provider of intelligent telecommunications infrastructure solutions. With software-automated Optical+Ethernet transmission technology, the Company builds the foundation for high-speed, next-generation networks. The Company’s FSP product family adds scalability and intelligence to customers’ networks while removing complexity and cost. With a flexible and fast-moving organization, ADVA Optical Networking forges close partnerships with its customers to meet the growing demand for data, storage, voice and video services. Thanks to reliable performance for more than 15 years, the Company has become a trusted partner for more than 250 carriers and 10,000 enterprises across the globe. For more information, please visit us at

Advanced Laser Diode Systems A.L.S. GmbH
Schwarzschildstr. 6
12489 Berlin
+49 30 63926520
+49 30 63926521
AEMtec GmbH
James-Franck-Straße 10
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6392 - 7300

AEMtec offers the development, process qualification, industrialization and production of miniaturized and complex (opto) electronic microsystems, using high-end chip-level technologies, such as Chip on Board and Flip Chip, 3D-Integration and Opto-Packaging. As your partner for innovative technologies AEMtec provides expertise along the entire value chain – from the first idea through to series production. Professional supply chain management allows customers a reduction in their total cost of ownership (TCO). Due to its close work with prominent research institutes the miniaturization specialist has acquired particularly distinguished competence in the field of development, which enables it to provide its customers with the power to innovate over the longer term. As a result of AEMtec’s integration into the Swiss exceet Group SE, its customers gain from the flexibility of a medium-sized enterprise as well as benefiting from the synergies with, and access to, the comprehensive resources of a strong European group.

AJ Cybertron GmbH
Louis-Blériot-Straße 5
12487 Berlin
Am Biotop 14
15344 Strausberg
03341 - 35930
Almasima AG
Köpenicker Str. 325
12555 Berlin
Alpha Luftbild GmbH
Wolliner Straße 16
10435 Berlin
alpha microelectronics gmbh
Im Technologiepark 1
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
alpha-board gmbh
Saarbrücker Str. 38A
10405 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 92 70 32 0
  • Hardware development with SCRUM (e.g. embedded systems, HF applications, sensor systems)
  • PCB design
  • Simulation of signal integrity, EMC and thermal characteristics
  • Manufacturing and delivery of printed circuit boards
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards
  • Tests and quality assurance
  • PLC management

alpha-board is a service provider for electronics design and manufacturing services for customers from industrial electronics, aviation, astronautics and medicine technology. Our strengths are PCB design and miniaturization of electronics. Moreover alpha board offers everything from circuit development through simulation, verification and prototype construction up to the serial production of electronic assemblies.  

AlphaContec Consulting & Service GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
14476 Golm
ALRE-IT Regeltechnik GmbH
Richard-Tauber-Damm 10
12277 Berlin
Alternate Photonics GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
AMIC Angewandte Micro-Messtechnik GmbH
Volmerstraße 9B
12489 Berlin
AMK Tornado Antriebstechnik GmbH
Flohrstr. 33
13507 Berlin
Ammonit Measurement GmbH
Wrangelstr. 100
10997 Berlin
Alt-Schönow 1
14165 Berlin
Analytik Jena AG
Schwarzschildstraße 8-12
12489 Berlin
+49 30 63927810
ANCOS-Steuerungstechnik GmbH
Tempelhofer Weg 110
12347 Berlin
Andor Technology
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Andus Electronic GmbH
Görlitzer Str. 52
10997 Berlin
AnToMe GmbH
Pankstraße 8-10
13127 Berlin
AnTronix GmbH
Rudolf-Baschant-Str. 2
13086 Berlin
APE Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH
Plauener Str. 163
13053 Berlin
030 986 011 30

Located in Berlin, APE is a worldwide leading supplier in the field of ultrashort laser pulse diagnostic and tunable wavelength conversion.

Since 1992, APE is passionately supporting customers to get the best out of their ultrafast lasers, applications, and processes. That is why we develop and produce devices for our customers to measure, modify and improve their ultrafast laser solutions.

Our product portfolio includes optical parametric oscillators (OPOs), optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs), and systems for harmonic generation (HarmoniXX series). Our ultrashort pulse diagnostics line covers autocorrelators for pulse width measurements, spectrometers, and other equipment for measuring and characterizing femtosecond and picosecond laser pulses.

APE. At the Pulse of Light.

ARRI Lighting Solutions GmbH
Ernst-Augustin-Strasse 12
12489 Berlin
art photonics GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 46
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 677 988 710
+49 (0)30 / 677 988 799


art photonics GmbH is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of InfraRed chalcogenide and polycrystalline specialty optical fibers, spectroscopy fiber probes & fiber bundles, high power fiber cables for industrial and medical applications.

art photonics’ unique technology experience accumulated over 30 years has led to the design, development and production of specialty optical fibers and various fiber systems for the broad spectral range from 200nm to 18µm. Since 1998 we are constantly improving the quality of our products and are positioned to meet the technology needs of today and the demands of tomorrow.

The Company’s goals to engineering, designing and manufacturing the highest quality, cost-effective optical fiber solutions of abroad spectral range (from 200nm to 18µm) for OEM market are met through developing a patented Polycrystalline IR-fiber technologies, which allows to design and produce the one of most competitive product line Flexispec™ – PIR-fiber spectroscopy probes for remote process-control of molecular composition of any liquid, gas or solid mixtures even under harsh environmental conditions.

The flexible design of our fiber probes enables multi-spectral analysis of any process by different spectroscopy methods over the broad range of spectra and to couple it with any spectrometer.

Our innovative design of high power laser cables (Flexiray™), IR-fiber coupled detectors, IR-imaging bundles and various fiber sub-systems provides the optimum solution for specific customer requirements.

ASAS Systemtechnik GmbH
Gartenfelder Straße 29
13599 Berlin
Askania Mikroskop Technik Rathenow GmbH
Grünauer Fenn 40
14712 Rathenow
+49 (0)3385 / 53710

Development, manufacture and distribution of stereo and laboratory microscopes with accessories for digital image measurement. Measuring microscopes and measuring software

Wattstr. 11-13
13355 Berlin



Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Str. 12
12489 Berlin
030 / 6392 - 1000

With 20 years' experience in developing, manufacturing and testing highly reliable opto-mechanical, opto-electronic, elctromagnetic and mechanical engineering components, sub-assemblies and devices, we, Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH, are a reliable partner for science and industry. The company conducts complex tasks in the area of sensor technology, light sources, optical and opto-mechanical laboratory work, scientific device and special test facilities. Based on our expert knowlegde we also realise tasks in the following areas:

  • Integration of supplementary functions such as calibration devices for special sensor technology
  • Accomplishment of special solutions and adjustment of sensor systems for hospitable environmental conditions
  • Realisation of surroundings for sensor technology


ATN Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier GmbH
Segelfliegerdamm 94-98
12487 Berlin
+49(0)30 5659095-0
+49(0)30 5659095-60
ATN Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier GmbH
Schwarzschildstraße 3
12489 Berlin
Atotech Deutschland GmbH
Erasmusstrasse 20
10553 Berlin
Aucoteam GmbH
Storkower Straße 115 a
10407 Berlin
August Gärtner Gärtnerdesign Lichtobjekte
Streitstr. 11-14
13587 Berlin
Automation Optoengineering Broy&Konrad GbR
Köpenicker Str. 325, Haus 211
12555 Berlin
Ungerstraße 32
14471 Potsdam
aviCOM GmbH
Döbelner Straße 4a
12627 Berlin
azeti networks AG
Reinhardtstr. 39
10117 Berlin
Bauer + Mück GmbH
12249 Berlin
bdl. Büro für Daten & Lichttechnik KG
Adlershofer Str. 6
12557 Berlin
+49 30 740 767 16

Distribution of professional Equipment for the Entertainment and Architectur market and the control of the lighting systems.

Becker & Hickl GmbH
Nahmitzer Damm 30
12277 Berlin
Belart GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Wissmannstraße 5
12049 Berlin
BeMiTec Berlin Microwave Technologies AG
Gustav-Kirchhoff-Straße 4
12489 Berlin
Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co.
Waldkraiburger Str. 5
12347 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 60905-0

The BERLINER GLAS GROUP is one of the world’s leading providers of optical key components, assemblies and systems as well as high-quality refined technical glass. With more than 1,400 employees, the BERLINER GLAS GROUP develops, produces and integrates optics, mechanics and electronics into innovative system solutions for its customers. As OEM partners from concept to volume production, the BERLINER GLAS GROUP companies serve innovative customers in various market segments – semiconductor industry, laser and space technology, medical technology, metrology and the display industry.

Berliner Glasfaserkabel GmbH & Co. KG
Nunsdorfer Ring 12
12277 Berlin
Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH
Volmerstraße 7b
12489 Berlin
BERLUX Leuchten GmbH
Forstallee 64
15738 Zeuthen
Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH
Hubertusstraße 10
12163 Berlin
030 7974296-0

Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH is a manufacturer of optical components. We offer a catalogue program as well as custom made parts mainly of the following types

- polarizers
- wave plates (retarders)
- lens systems
- mirrors
- prisms and beamsplitters
- design of polarization optics
- design of lens systems

Bestec GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Str. 14
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6774376

BESTEC’s core competencies are the design and manufacture of customized UHV devices and systems:

  1. Design and production of special optics devices and systems for application in vacuum, mostly equipment for synchrotrons in the Infrared and Soft-xray range such as monochromators, slit units, grating units and complete beamlines  as well as EUV-Tools (Soft X-ray Lab Source, Beamline& Reflectometer)
  2. Design and production of HV and UHV systems for application in surface analysis & deposition  techniques for application in physics, physical chemistry, material engineering, such as HV- and UHV-Deposition Systems for Magnetron Sputtering,    Laser-Ablation (PLD) Systems, Systems for E-beam- and thermal evaporation, Systems for surface analysis (XPS, AES, SIMS…); Clustertools for research on OLEDs and solar cells

BESTEC works in close co-operation with universities and research centers in Germany and worldwide. Since 2000 BESTEC meets the demands of a Quality Management System and works in compliance with the DIN-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

bev Bauelementevertrieb Inge Stoos
Barbara-McClintock-Str. 6
12489 Berlin
+49(0)30 6392 5271
+49(0)30 6392 5270
Nahmitzer Damm 30
12277 Berlin
Bi-Ber GmbH & Co.KG
An der Wuhlheide 232B
12459 Berlin
+49 (0)30 8103 22260

Since its initial founding in 1997, Bi-Ber has established itself as a capable and powerful partner in the solving of customer-specific problems of industrial image processing.
The main business area is the development and manufacturing of image processing systems for production-accompanying quality control. A highly qualified team of engineers and software developers undertakes the system integration for OEM and end customers.

The focus here is on development, construction and commissioning of turnkey measurement and inspection systems, in particular for the printing industry, the automotive supplier industry, medical engineering and electronics industry.

We also supply standard solutions for quality assurance in the sweets industry, for example image processing systems for empty mould check, 3D mould check and product end control. Furthermore we provide solutions for Multi-View 3D applications with PRISMAGIC®. Examples of appropriate applications are the optical control of pencil stroke ceramics or radioactive seeds in medical engineering.
Since 2012 Bi-Ber has been one of the partner companies which, in conjunction with the Cognex Corporation, implements Machine Vision applications for the most diverse industrial sectors. As PSI we have comprehensive experience with Cognex Vision systems, Vision software and ID systems and develop for users complete solutions integrated into the production plant. As PSI we offer our customers comprehensive options in the planning and implementation of Cognex Vision and ID.

Bi-Ber has been a member of the Machine Vision Group within the VDMA Robotics + Automation Association for many years.

Biotronik SE & Co. KG
Woermannkehre 1
12359 Berlin
BLS Berliner Licht- und Signaltechnik GmbH
Grenzgrabenstraße 3
13053 Berlin
BMT Messtechnik GmbH
Argentinische Allee 32a
14163 Berlin
Bober Optosensorik und Messtechnik GbR
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
BOS Berlin Oberspree Sondermaschinenbau GmbH
Ostendstraße 1 – 14
12459 Berlin
Braun Lighting Solutions e.K.
Nunsdorfer Ring 2-10
12277 Berlin
Brilliance Fab Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Max-Planck-Str. 3
12489 Berlin
Bruker Nano Analytics
Am Studio 2D
12489 Berlin
+49 (30) 670990-0


The companies under Bruker Inc. are globally leading manufacturer of analytical systems for life and materials sciences.
The Bruker Nano Analytics (BNA) Division, headquartered at Bruker Nano GmbH in Berlin, Germany, develops, manufactures and markets X-ray systems and components for elemental and structural analysis on the micro and nano scale.

BNA's product range of analytical tools for electron microscopes includes:

  • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometers (EDS) for scanning and transmission electron microscopes
  • Wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometers (WDS)
  • Electron backscatter diffraction systems (EBSD)
  • Micro-spot X-ray sources for Micro-XRF on SEM and
  • Micro computed tomography (Micro-CT) accessories.

BNA’s range of mobile and bench-top micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometers comprises:

  • Micro-XRF spectrometers and
  • Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) spectrometers.
BST International GmbH
Schwarzschildstraße 12
12489 Berlin
budatec GmbH
Segelfliegerdamm 92
12487 Berlin
+49 30 63224070
+49 30 63224071
Bühler electronic GmbH
15370 Fredersdorf
C2GO inprocess solutions GmbH
Schwarzschildstrasse 1
12489 Berlin
Canlas Laser Processing GmbH
Freiheitstraße 124/126
15745 Wildau
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
Max-Dohrn-Strasse 8-10
10589 Berlin
+49 (30) 8540 01 0


Carl Zeiss Meditec AG is one of the world´s leading medical technology companies. The company offers complete solutions to diagnose and treat ophthalmic diseases. At our Berlin Carl Zeiss Meditec AG develops and manufactures intraocular lenses (IOL). These are implanted in patients who suffer from a cataract to restore vision.

Fields of Activity

  • Development of intraocular lenses and implantation systems
  • Implementation of pre-clinical tests and clinical trials for approval of medical devices

Range of Services

  • Optical design and simulation
  • Optical characterization of IOLs
  • Optometry and IOL calculation
  • CAD
  • Clinical studies

Research & Development Activities

  • Intraocular lenses and implantation systems
  • Physiology and psycho-physics of visual perception

Special Equipment

  • Optical laboratory
  • Chemical laboratory
  • Volume IOL manufacturing equipment

Current State-of-the-art Technologies

  • Precision manufacturing of intraocular lenses
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin
CHISSO Corporation Japan
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Christian Dunkel GmbH
Ostendstrasse 1-5
12459 Berlin
030 53 89 0 252

The Christian Dunkel GmbH emerged from the tool-making division of the Company for Television Electronics. It has extensive expertise in developing, processing and manufacturing microsystems components from a variety of metals, ceramics, glass and plastics. Furthermore, the company is engaged in the development, manufacture, modification and repair of special machines, jigs, cut-and punching tools, gauges, plastic and die-casting molds and manufacture of individual parts for all areas of industrial manufacturing. More than 130 employees work at the Christian Dark GmbH, including over 30 engineers, who are active for a variety of prestigious clients from the aviation and aerospace industry, energy technology, the automotive industry, optical industry, medical technology and other manufacturers and users of microsystem components.

Christian Haubitz-Reinke technische Dienstleistungen



Chronomar GmbH
Novalisstraße 1a
10115 Berlin
Chronos Vision GmbH
Wiesenweg 9
12247 Berlin

Machine Vision:  Easy-to-handle, powerful and reliable vision products are essential for automated inspection and quality control tasks. CHRONOS VISION provides the systems and know-how for your specific tasks – whether for component testing and identification or for color recognition.   Medical Engineering:  CHRONOS VISION manufactures medical devices and develops software of highest quality for the measurement of eye movements and for the balance assessment. The products from CHRONOS VISION contribute significantly to refractive surgery and clinical research and diagnostics.

Citelum Deutschland GmbH
Unter den Linden 21
10117 Berlin
Clinical Laserthermia Systems GmbH
Fabeckstraße 60-62
14195 Berlin
0171-741 07 17
Clyxon Laser GmbH
Salzufer 8
10587 Berlin
CMC-Kuhnke GmbH
Colditzstr. 34, Bau 18
12099 Berlin
Code Mercenaries Hard- und Software GmbH
Karl-Marx-Str. 147a
12529 Schönefeld OT Großziethen
COGO Optronics GmbH
Salzufer 6
10587 Berlin
Colibri Photonics GmbH
Friedrich-Engels-Str. 23
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 951 40 354
+49 331 951 45 807

Colibri Photonics provides innovative sensor systems for the measurement of oxygen in life science analytics and bioreactors. Our product range comprises non-invasive and invasive light-based sensors in the nm- and µm-range.
Our sensors use an innovative polymer-based dye to offer you a highly versatile and rugged invasive sensor. The devices we provide are developed by scientists who know what you demand for everyday usage: loss free measurement, no inteference and wireless detection.

ColVisTec AG
Max-Planck-Str. 3
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6392-7815

ColVisTec AG - founded in 2009 in Berlin-Adlershof - develops, manufactures and markets: process monitoring systems as Inline Technology, based on high-resolution spectrophotometers, i.e. "inline color measurement."
Whoever wishes to record the stability of a process and react to it immediately - receives the right technology from us. Today, samples are usually taken from the production line and tested in a laboratory in order to have an indication whether or not the process is still stable. This measurement procedure is repeated approximately every 2-3 hours. Thus the process runs “blindly” for 2-3 hours. Our technology, however, allows a measurement every 10 seconds directly within the process (i.e. inside the material): without sampling, without disturbing the process, without delays, and continuously. Thereby waste and contamination are avoided. Our probes allow measurements directly in the processing on materials in:

  • liquid (coatings, paints, inks, drinks or other food),
  • paste-like (cosmetics, food, other mixtures, etc.),
  • powdery (pharmaceuticals, building materials, pigments, food, etc.) and
  • molten form (polymers in the extruder, food processing, etc.)

With specific probes (sapphire lens and optical fiber) adapted to the respective processes – materials (opaque to transparent) can be used at operating temperatures up to 400 ° C and up to 345 bar. Thus, the inline color measurement is possible, for example, directly in an extruder. Application areas of our inline technology include: plastics processing in the extruder, powder coating, coatings and paints, food, chemical reaction processes (clear - turbid - colored) etc.
The ColVisTec team consists of experienced engineers and scientists. We have been active in the various areas of spectrophotometry, optical and process and production control for many years and have a total of more than 50 years of experience in spectrophotometry and process applications.

Compact Laser Solutions GmbH
Berliner Straße 27
13507 Berlin
Päwesiner Weg 30
13851 Berlin
Converteam GmbH
Culemeyerstraße 1
12277 Berlin
Coriant GmbH
Siemensdamm 62
13627 Berlin
+49 (0)89 / 5159 37524

Coriant develops innovative and dynamic networking solutions for a fast-changing and cloud-enabled business world. The Coriant portfolio of SDN-enabled, edge-to-core transport solutions enables network operators to reduce operational complexity, improve utilization of multi-layer network resources, and create new revenue-generating services optimized for the evolving demands of business and consumer applications, including video, mobile, and cloud.

Coriant serves leading network operators in over 100 countries, including mobile and fixed line service providers, content providers, cloud and data center operators, cable MSOs, large enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, and utility companies. With hundreds of thousands of networking systems deployed worldwide, Coriant solutions serve as the resilient foundation for billions of dollars in end-user service revenue. Coriant was founded upon the powerful combination of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks – a distinguished heritage of over 35 years of technology innovation.



Corning Optical Communications GmbH & Co. KG
Leipziger Straße 121
10117 Berlin
CreativeQuantum GmbH
Am Studio 2
12489 Berlin
+49 30 9599 911 81

CreativeQuantum specializes in the realization of quantum chemistry-based research and development for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We are able to identify any chemical and physical properties on molecular level of systems or processes. Using unique creative methods, we offer our customers the development of resource and energy efficient production processes. To accomplish this, we apply the most recent and innovative optimization algorithms.

CRS Licht-Formtechnik Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
15806 Groß Schulzendorf
CryLaS GmbH
Ostendstr. 25
12459 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 5304 2400


CryLaS GmbH develops, produces and delivers diode pumped solid state lasers in the far UV, UV, VIS and IR ranges for various applications in science, research and industry (OEM applications). CryLaS products are characterized by high stability and durability, low noise, compact design and excellent workmanship.

CryLaS' product portfolio consists of:

  • pulsed lasers: high or low power laser with excellent beam quality (pulse energies from 0.3 to 3000 µJ / pulse frequencies between 1 Hz and 20 kHz) and pulse widths in the range of 1 ns.
  • CW lasers: compact, rugged, and air-cooled single-frequency laser systems with small line width, large coherence length (> 1000 m) and high beam position stability.
  • compact dye laser systems with integrated long-lived DPSS pump laser for spectral ranges of 330 to 900 nm and the SHG of 205-400 nm at repetition rates up to 20 Hz.

Applications can be found in the fields of:

  • Biotechnology
  • Marking
  • RAMAN spectrometry
  • Life science
  • Ranging
  • Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF)
  • Biohazard Detection
  • Time resolved fluorescence
  • Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Medical research and biophotonics technologies
  • Semiconductor inspection
Ostendstr. 25
12459 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 53 04 25 00

CRYSTAL is a medium-sized company committed to highly developed technologies and products with and related to crystals. Proven production technology and comprehensive measuring and testing procedures guarantee our exceptional standard of quality as well as the speed with which we meet your most sophisticated requirements. Together with our clients, we generate cutting edge solutions by exploiting the close cooperation among all our product departments. In collaboration with our partners, we serve markets in Europe, Asien and the USA.

Products and Services:

1. Single Crystal Substrates and Wafer oxides, fluorides, and semiconductors - crystals

  • Semiconductors, oxides and flourides for the deposition of epitaxial thin films


2. Optical Components

  • windows and scanning mirrors made of Fluorides, ZnS, Si, Ge, Quarz and glass
  • parallel plates and prisms made of Sapphire, TiO2, SiO2, Ge, ZrO2, SrTiO3, MgO


3. Laser Components

  • active and passive
  • diffusion bonded composites
  • pre-fabrication of assemblies
Albert-Einstein-Straße 16
12489 Berlin
Crystalix Evolution GmbH
Am Schlangengraben 16
13597 Berlin
CrysTec GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 325
12555 Berlin
Czibula & Grundmann GmbH
Reuchlinstr. 10-11
10553 Berlin
D.O.R.C. Deutschland GmbH
Charlottenstr. 80
10117 Berlin
DBM Search & Rescue Company GmbH
13187 Berlin
deka Sensor + Technologie Entwicklungs- und Vertriebgesellschaft mbH
Potsdamer Str. 18a
14513 Teltow
DELTA Laser Tech GmbH
Rigistr. 8
12277 Berlin
Diamond GmbH
Kelchstraße 21
12169 Berlin
DIGALOG Industrie-Mikroelektronik GmbH
Wattstraße 11- 13
13355 Berlin
Digilux AG
Birlingerweg 7
14089 Berlin
DirectPhotonics Industries GmbH
Max-Planck-Straße 3
12489 Berlin
Dopa Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Oberflächentechnologie mbH
Plauener Straße 163-165
13053 Berlin
+49 30 98318811

We Are dopa
dopa – for now 25 years we are your competent and internationally established partner for the development and production of diamond tools , the design of whole production processes and a specialized contract manufacturer for high end flat optics made out of different materials like optical glass, sapphire, ceramic, fused silica etc.
At this we have specialized us on the processing of optical glass, special ceramics and crystals. Our tools distinguish themselves by the fact that they produce also at high stock removal rates very fine, homogenous and scratch free surfaces, which have nearly no sub surface damage. This leads in the following manufacturing steps to a decrease of generally minimum 35 % of your polishing time. Furthermore it raises your products quality and stabilizes remarkably your processes. With their low wear our tools enable you moreover to produce very flat parts.
We own in our Berlin test laboratory most different grinding and polishing machines plus a wide range of measurement instruments. On those machines, that depict the state of the art technology in multiple industries, we run machining trials under real production conditions and optimize the tools and processes already here so far, that they can be implemented in our customer’s production as a complete system.
Improving existing technologies or visualizing whole technology changes as for example from lapping with loose abrasive to fine grinding or from polishing with diamond slurry to super fine grinding can be shown here while considering all economical and technological aspects. Using this our customers can cut down the long, hard and cost intensive implementation of new technologies at their end to a minimum or save it fully. Furthermore they are able to react much faster to changing market needs while not interrupting their running production. To push your borders we gladly assist you with our funded knowledge in choosing and making the right tools for your application.
We are developing efficiency. Please contact us!

Dorazil Mikro-Elektronik GmbH
Nahmitzer Damm 30
12277 Berlin
DoroTEK Gesellschaft für Systemtechnik mbH
Flugplatzstraße F1 Nr.9
15344 Strausberg
03341 215427
Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Reinicke Ingenieurbüro für Optik-Entwicklung
Münchener Straße 3a
15566 Schöneiche bei Berlin
Dr. Jean Blondeau
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
+49(0)151 11705112
Dr. Kieburg Lasertech-Services GmbH
Schwarzschildstr. 1
12489 Berlin
Dr. Marwan - Chemie, Forschung & Entwicklung
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Dr. Michael Himmelhaus - NanoBioAnalytics
Schwarzschildstr. 8
12489 Berlin
Dr. Schickhoff
Bachstr. 6
14558 Nuthetal
+49 (0)33200 / 51770

Consulting on strategy and transformation projects in companies and business plan advice. To get ahead in business, a good plan is important.

The work in project management as a trainer, coach and active project manager qualifies your project team members and advances your projects.

Implementation support. A good plan is already a step in the right direction; the implementation often reveals new difficulties. A solution step can be support from outside by the moderation of workshops for finding solutions,.

I can function as a coach of the TCC for innovative technology-based companies, i.e. my work for you is sponsored.

Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro für Optikentwicklung und Software
Kreuzbergstraße 37
10965 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 692055800

As a development service provider, we take on tasks relating to the development and simulation of optical systems, as well as data mining including statistical analysis and algorithm development.

We are the expert partner to solve challenges and develop functional applications in the field of optics. We are able to undertake any task related to the development of optical systems, from the first, conceptual phase, to calculation and construction and all the way through to tolerance analysis, development of measurement technology, and preparation for production of your optical systems. Designing customised solutions and implementing them for your individual needs is what we do. Our area of expertise covers Camera lenses for industrial applications, optical measurement methods for medical use and analytics, fiber couplings for optical telecommunications, lighting and signal technology, microscopic systems and micro-optics, and much more.

In the field of data analysis we advise and support our clients in the development of measurement, processing, and evaluation strategies for data, which are incurred for example, during product development, prototype testing, or as part of manufacturing and testing processes. In addition, we are able to develop and simulate physical models of processes.

Dr.-Ing. Georg Wazau Mess- und Prüfsysteme GmbH
Keplerstraße 12
10589 Berlin
Dr.-Ing. Goran Bastian Baer
Silvio-Meier-Str. 1
10247 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 983 405 90

Optical Design:
    - Development of custom optical systems according to your requirements
    - Optimization of optical systems in regard to the fabrication and further requirements like costs, system size and weight
    - Tolerancing of the optical systems in close cooperation with your optics manufacturer
    - Optimization of the optical system under the consideration of fabrication tolerances
    - Optimization of the optical system in regard to parasitic ghost reflexes and stray light
    - Design of aspheres and diffractive optical elements (DOE)
    - Preparation of datasheets and documentation

    - Simulation of the optical performance of a system
    - Analysis of stray light and ghost reflexes
    - Sequential and non sequential ray tracing

Algorithm Development:
   - Implementation of algorithms for the evaluation of measurement data. Some examples are algorithms for interferometry, phase reconstruction, image processing, feature detection, machine vision and custom algorithms for the solution of specific problems
   - Implementation in C++, Python or Matlab

Electronic circuit development:
    - Development of digital and analog electronic circuits.


DSPecialists Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH
Helmholtzstr. 2-9 L
10587 Berlin
Dutch Vision Systems GmbH
Am Lehmberg 2
16928 Pritzwalk
eagleyard Photonics
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6392 4520

eagleyard Photonics develops and manufactures high power laser diodes – the key components for next generation laser systems. These high power laser diodes are produced in close cooperation with the renowned Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik and represent reliable product results of top research performances. Since its foundation in 2002, eagleyard Photonics, a highly innovative and rapidly  growing  company  has become a leading provider of high power laser diodes with wavelengths ranging from 630 to 1120 nm. Customers worldwide integrate laser diodes “made by eagleyard” into their systems. The certified development, production and marketing processes are subject to rigorous quality standards required by ISO 9001:2008.

Fields of Activity
Development, manufacture and sale of high power laser diodes ranging from 630 nm to 1120 nm.

Range of Services
The product portfolio covers Ridge Waveguide Lasers (Fabry Perot), Broad Area Lasers, Tapered Lasers, Tapered Amplifiers, DFB and DBR Laser, combining maximum power, high durability and excellent beam quality.

Research & Development Activities
Development work has always been targeting higher optical performance of diode structures as well as sustainable packages with integrated micro-optics to achieve stable and cost-effective laser beams. The development of space qualified laser diodes for missions like Gaia and Merlin during the past few years enhanced our knowledge about robust and sustainable designs of laser diodes.

Special Equipment
Own cleanroom facilities

Technology Partners

Current State-of-the-art Technologies
Quantal Initiative

Edisen Sensor Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Wilhelm-Pieck-Straße 33-35
1979 Lauchhammer
Ekos Entwicklung u. Konstruktion optischer Systeme GmbH
Albrechtstr 132
12099 Berlin
ELBAU Elektronik Bauelemente GmbH Berlin
Darßer Bogen 19
13088 Berlin
Im Gewerbepark 14
15711 Königs Wusterhausen
Element Materials Technology Berlin GmbH (vmls. GEVA)
Friedrich-Wöhler-Straße 1
12489 Berlin
+4930 767598100
+4930 63927470
Ellex Deutschland GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Straße 16
12489 Berlin
+49 30 639289600
+49 30 639289610
EMO Systems GmbH
Rungestraße 19
10179 Berlin
Endress+Hauser Messtechnik GmbH+Co. KG
Kelchstr. 21
12169 Berlin
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
englert elektronik GmbH
Breitenbachstr. 7
13509 Berlin
enprobe GmbH
Liselotte-Herrmann-Str. 12
10407 Berlin
Entwicklungsbüro Stresing
Reinholdstr. 5
12051 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6854506


We are specialized to develop CCD camera systems for research and industry, providing a large range of linescan camera products as well as some area cameras for almost every type of application. Also cooled cameras and complete Spectrometersystems from UV up to IR are available.

Enz-Ingenieurbüro für Umweltelektronik & Automatisierung
Friedrich-Wöhler Straße 2
12489 Berlin
Ruhlsdorfer Straße 95, Gebäude 4
14532 Stahnsdorf
EPIGAP Optronic GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 325, Haus 41
12555 Berlin
030 65763760

Product line card:
•    Ultrasonic transducers
•    Ultrasonic generators
•    Transducer-Test-Systems
•    Optical vibration displacement measurement systems
•    Bi-directional alignment lasers

Lighting the way to customized optoelectronic solutions EPIGAP Optronic GmbH is an industrial leader in LED technology for state-of–the-art optoelectronics, which plays a key role in many industries. Our clients work in fields for industrial sensors, automation, security and safety technology, diagnostics, biotechnology and medical imaging.

Major products
•    The LED chip is the starting point for any optoelectronic solution. It essentially determines the later product characteristics of the LED. EPIGAP offers high-end LED chips beginning in the deep UV range at 265 nm up to the high infrared region at 1750 nm which have a very good degradation stability and high efficiency.
•    We also present point source chips with different emitting diameters and monolithic display chips especially designed with custom layouts.
•    The requirements for LEDs are very different depending on the application. We realize products in a wide variety of housings, such as 3 mm, 5 mm (thru hole type), SMD or metal can. Customized housings or specially designed CoB modules for small- or medium-scale productions are also possible. We work with different materials such as FR4, ceramics or aluminum and copper based PCBs for excellent heat sink. We ensure appropriate chip deposition tolerance and use epoxy or silicon for encapsulation.
•    EPIGAP traditionally offers a wide variety of photodiodes, from 150 nm in the ultraviolet up to an extended range to 2600 nm in the infrared range. These include large InGaAs photodiodes with an active area which has up to 3 mm diameter, with low dark currents and high sensitivity.

Major services
EPIGAP has its own photometric and radiometric laboratory well equipped with NIST-calibrated optical instruments to measure the electro-optic parameters of single LEDs, LED modules and photodiodes. We can accurately determine radiation pattern (viewing angle) for LEDs and reception characteristics of photodiodes. We measure parameters in visible spectral region:
- luminous intensity,
- luminous flux,
- peak or dominant wavelength,
- colour coordinates (in compliance to CIE standards)
and additional in in ultraviolet and infrared:
- radiant intensity and radiant flux (radiant power).

Degradation measurements and burn-in (in compliance to MIL standards) are performed with special test benches at different forward DC and pulse currents.

EPIGAP offers a fully integrated service from design and development to production in order to meet market requirements. Fast acting, flexibility, high-performance, high-reliability and cost-effective design make the difference for us to realize customer´s success.
Welcome to the EPIGAP-world!

Erich Kowalski Feinmechanische Fabrikation e.K.
Wiesenweg 9
12247 Berlin
escotec Lasertechnik GmbH
Rheinstr. 17A
14513 Teltow
Essilor GmbH Rathenow
Hasenweg 40
14712 Rathenow
Schwedter Strasse 34a
10435 Berlin
EuroPhoton GmbH für Optische Sensorik
Rudower Chaussee 29
12247 Berlin
EZconn Europe GmbH
Schwarzschildstr. 1
12489 Berlin
Goyatzer Straße 28
03044 Cottbus
F & T Fibers and Technology GmbH
Zaucher Weg 39A
12527 Berlin
F&K Physiktechnik GmbH
Wetzlarer Str. 54
14482 Potsdam
+49 (0)331 / 60028920

F&K Physiktechnik GmbH develops and manufactures products and processes, used world wide for chip interconnection in microelectronic production. Therefore the company focus is mainly micro systems technology.

Ultrasonic generators and ultrasonic transducers for wire and (flip chip) die bonding are part of the product range. In order to set up the ultrasonic system of a bond machine in best condition special test and measurement was developed. These are the Transducer-Test-Systems (TTS-series) and the optical vibration excursion measurement systems (ODS-series). This equipment can not only be used for service purposes, but also for quality assurance. All information about the condition of the ultrasonic system of the bond machine can be feed into the quality management system. By using the test and measurement equipment preventive maintenance will be also possible.

We offer as an addition to the ultrasonic test and measurement equipment also a special designed bi-directional alignment laser for quick and easy adjustment of optical experiments and sets.

Product line card:
•    Ultrasonic transducers
•    Ultrasonic generators
•    Transducer-Test-Systems
•    Optical vibration displacement measurement systems
•    Bi-directional alignment lasers

Farotec GmbH
Saalmannstr. 9
13403 Berlin
FCC FibreCableConnect GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 3
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 63926362

FCC FibreCableConnect GmbH develops special cables for the photonic field. We develop a design for the cable, model a prototype and manufacture the line. We manufacture single- as well as multimode fibers in the area of wave-length: 190nm-2300nm. We manufacture both single fiber cables as well as fiber bundles exclusively to the specifications of our customer.


  • Fiber cables for high power transmission up to 1kW- liquide cooled.
  • Fiber cables for medical laser applications: dental, urology, dermatology, surgery.
  • Fiber bundles / probes - applications: spectrometry, astrophysics, sensors. Geometry of surface bundles: round, square, hexagonal, linear, etc.
  • Assembling of polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers. The degree of alignment precision between 0.1 ° to 3 °.
FCI Deutschland GmbH
Wernerwerkdamm 16
13629 Berlin
Feinmechanik Teltow GmbH
14513 Teltow
FEM-Design Baldauf
Köpenzeile 12
12557 Berlin
030 654 95 017

Das Angebot der Firma ist die Durchführung von Simulationen von Belastungsszenarien in unterschiedlichen Wirtschaftsbereichen. Die Belastungen können mechanisch, thermisch oder elektromagnetisch sein. Die Ergebnisse können Verformungen, mechanische, elektro-magnetische Spannungsverteilungen, Temperaturen und weitere Ergebnisse sein. Die Rechnungen werden mit der Finite-Element-Software ANSYS (USA) ausgeführt.

Vor dem Beginn der Arbeiten wird ein Kostenangebot erstellt.

Die Ergebnisse werden ausführlich mit dem Kunden besprochen.


FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 34
10999 Berlin
fiberware GmbH
Kleinschewskystr. 21
12555 Berlin
fibrisTerre GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 154
10997 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6290 1320


fibrisTerre is a provider of fiber-optic solutions for structural health monitoring. With an innovative approach to distributed strain and temperature sensing, fibrisTerre offers complete instrumentation systems to provide reliable monitoring for geotechnical engineering, industry and public infrastructure.

Fielmann Modebrillen Rathenow GmbH & Co. OHG
Mühlendamm 4
14712 Rathenow
Finetech GmbH & Co. KG
Wolfener Str. 32/24
12681 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 936681-0

Finetech is a leading special machinery manufacturer providing customized equipment solutions for advanced SMD rework and micro assembly challenges. Due to their modular hardware and software architecture, the manual, semi-automated and fully-automated FINEPLACER® assembly systems offer maximum process flexibility. Available is a particularly wide spectrum of bonding technologies, including ultrasonic bonding, thermocompression bonding, adhesive technologies, and soldering in various atmospheres. Common applications are bonding of single lasers and photo diodes, laser bars, VCSEL and MOEMS, as well as the professional rework of virtually all SMD components. FINEPLACER® systems are typically at home in product and process development, prototyping and automated production environments with higher output.

Finisar GmbH
Reuchlinstr. 10/11
10553 Berlin
+49 (30) 726113-500


FINISAR acquired u²t Photonics in January 2014. The former u²t Photonics AG was founded in 1998 in Berlin, Germany and is a leading supplier of ultra high speed optical components of 100 GHz and higher. Finisar‘s site in Berlin develops, manufactures and markets highly competitive products for applications such as high speed coherent communications, test & measurement and aerospace based on its core technology.
A comprehensive and fully TELCORDIA qualified portfolio of photodetectors, highly integrated photoreceivers and modulators supporting advanced transmission formats at 40 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s and beyond offers superior performance serving the requirements of transponder vendors, line card and system designers as well as test equipment vendors.
Fields of Activity

  • Research and Development in the field of ultra high speed photonic components
  • Innovative Design of high performance photodetectors, photoreceivers, modulators and subsystems
  • New Product Introduction, Production and global Marketing

Range of Services

  • Customer specific solutions
  • Application support
  • Technology training

Research & Development Activities

  • 400 Gb/s and 1Tb/s transmission components
  • High end analog applications
  • Funded projects: “Saser Berlin” (Safe and Secure European Routing), “Coherent Photonics Berlin”

 Technology Partners

  • Tight technology oriented partnership with the renowned Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute (HHI)
  • BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) Projects with Alcatel-Lucent, NSN, ADVA, Coriant, etc.
  • Universities and R&D Laboratories: RWTH Aachen, Universität München, University College Cork, Cambridge University, etc.
First Sensor AG
Peter-Behrens-Str. 15
12459 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6399 2399

First Sensor AG is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of sensor systems. Our company develops and manufactures standardized and customized sensor solutions for applications in the Industrial, Medical and Mobility growth markets. With over 800 employees, we are represented at six German locations and also have development, production and sales sites in the USA, Canada, Singapore, China, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Sweden and Denmark along with a worldwide partner network. First Sensor AG is a German public limited company and has been listed in the Prime Standard of the German stock exchange in Frankfurt since 1999.

FISBA Photonics GmbH
Schwarzschildstr. 10
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 /63923597

Established early 2011 FISBA Photonics GmbH is a subsidiary of FISBA OPTIK AG, a world leader in optical systems and components based in St. Gallen/Switzerland.
Located at the Science and Technology Park in Berlin-Adlershof the engineering team is fo-cused on the development of new cutting-edge laser light sources and optical microsystems. Main emphasis is placed to fiber coupled light sources in the visible light region.

Wolfener Str. 36
12681 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 936 676 60

As a technogical leader in the field of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement, FLEXIM offers you ideal the ideal flow meter - even for the most demanding challenges.
Whether it be liquids or gases, extreme temperatures, high pressures or highly variable flow rates in thick walled pipes, our range of FLUXUS flow meters are the measurement system of choice.
With more than 20 years of engineering experience, FLEXIM also offers you solutions for a real time concentration analysis with laboratory accuracy. Depending on the individual application, PIOX analyses the process by ultrasound or optically by measuring the refractive index.
Refractometry - in other words, the measurement of light refraction - has proven itself as a method of choice for determining the concentration, density and purity of liquids in the laboratory time and time again.

FLEXIM moves the Refractometry out of the laboratory into the process, so that the advantages of this method, such as:  
Speed, accuracy, reliability and independence from color, turbidity as well as gas bubbles, can be used during online-measurements.
Transferring laboratory technology into the process involves special challenges concerning material and construction. FLEXIM faces these challenges with the transmitted light principle - the determination of the refractive index directly within the volume flow. The method is thus especially reliable during process conditions with dynamic temperature and pressure changes and is further not affected by deposits.
Process analysis with PIOX R ensures many advantages:
Continous quality management, process optimization, resources savings and a higher operating reliability.

Every generation of FLEXIM products is directly driven by customer and industry needs and our focus and dedication is directed towards providing the highest quality equipment with the best support and service possible.

FMB Feinwerk- und Meßtechnik GmbH
Friedrich Wöhler Strasse 2 D
12489 Berlin
FOC - fibre optical components GmbH
Hultschiner Damm 167-169
12623 Berlin
Forth Dimension Displays Ltd.
Schwarzschildstraße 3
12489 Berlin
FoxyLED GmbH
Emstaler Landstraße 39
14797 Kloster Lehnin
03382 - 70 40 231

Development of hard and software

  • Intelligence steering from LED Light systems
  • with Embedded system and optical sensor 360 °
  • with interactiv master for programming, account and control on foxyled internet platform
  • and communikation in the Light-network over the LED-Light

the later production and marketing as well as license assignment is also planned

FRANK OPTIC PRODUCTS GmbH optische Technologien
Heidelberger Str. 63-64
12425 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 5302490

Frank Optic Products develops and manufactures optical, fiber-optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic components, modules, systems and devices. The products are applied in the three areas of life science, laser & sensors, and optical industry.

In life science, medical laser cables for surgery, dentistry and ophthalmology are manufactured. For example, innovative surgical probes for ophthalmology and application fibers for dental surgery as disposable products are manufactured in large quantities. Other products in the medical field are zoom lenses for dermatological cancer treatment and diagnosis, surgery fibers for non-invasive and invasive surgery, as well as optical systems for focusing laser radiation in medicine and dentistry.

In the laser & sensors segment, mainly high-performance laser cables for industrial materials processing, e.g. for welding or marking, are designed and manufactured. Frank Optic Products also develops beam guiding systems for projection and display technology, optical fiber systems for measurement and analysis technology, laser windows and specialty optical fiber bundle systems for spectrographs in astrophotonics.

In addition, Frank Optic Products manufactures optical components and systems for the optical industry, medical technology, and photovoltaic and semiconductor industries. The technical know-how of Frank Optic Products GmbH has led the company to become an international leading development and production partner. Individual solutions are developed together with the customers. In the field of laser windows and laser cables, Frank Optic products are applied directly in the original equipment by many laser manufacturers.

Key Products:

  • medical laser cables, medical, auto-clavable and sterilizable fiber-optic probes
  • high-power laser cables, fiber pigtails, fiber optic systems
  • laser systems, laser system components
  • optical components and devices, optical systems
  • Research and Development


Freiberg Instruments GmbH
Ernst-Augustin-Str. 12
12489 Berlin-Adlershof
+49 (0)30 63224079

The  EFG GmbH Berlin went in March 2015 bankrupt and it found with Freiberg Instruments GmbH an investor to restart the production and worldwide sales of xray devices. Besides the own production of x-ray devices from other manufacturers are being sold. 

FSG Fernsteuergeräte Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH
Mühlenweg 2-3
15758 Kablow
Köpenickerstr. 325 /Haus 201
12555 Berlin
+49 30 577 089 20
G&W Instruments Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Elektronik und Ultraschalltechnik mbH
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin
G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, Office Berlin – Optical Sensors
Carl-Scheele-Straße 16
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)711 51822831
+49 (0)711 51822944

G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, headquartered in Fellbach near Stuttgart, has been developing and producing professional components and systems for climate and environment measurement for more than 130 years.
After taking over the product segment “Laserceilometer” of the Jenoptik subsidiary ESW GmbH in April 2014, Lufft established with “Optical Sensors” a new business segment. The new part of Lufft is located in Berlin-Adlershof.
Lufft products and equipment are to be found wherever atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity and other environmental factors require to be measured or recorded. These applications are for example the industrial climate measurement technology, environmental technology, climatology, agricultural meteorology and traffic engineering.
The in Berlin located business segment “Optical Sensors” engaged primarily in the distribution and development of the laserceilometer CHM 15k and the family of the laser based snow depth sensors.


GaP Gesellschaft für angewandte Physik mbH
Wetzlarer Str. 54
14482 Potsdam
GED Gärtner Elektronik Design GmbH
Im Technologiepark 27
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
GF Messtechnik GmbH
Warthestraße 21
14513 Teltow
GFT Geräte und Feinwerktechnik GmbH
Gladowshöher Str. 3
15345 Garzau / Garzin
GLASSES Eichhorst Augenoptik
Bayreuther Str. 40
10787 Berlin
GloMic GmbH
Krampnitzer Weg 102
14089 Berlin
Golares GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Str. 16
12489 Berlin
+49 (30) 6392 1738
+49 (30) 6392 1739
greateyes GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 2
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 912075 250


Greateyes develops, manufactures and markets high-performance scientific cameras with spectral sensitivity ranges from X-ray to near infrared. They are used as precise detectors in a wide range of imaging and spectroscopy applications. Furthermore the company manufactures electroluminescence and photoluminescence inspection systems and offers a number of related services.

Greateyes was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from Humboldt-University Berlin and then quickly developed to an international acting company. Today it has strong customers in research and industry from many different countries.

Our passion is the continous advancement of our unique camera technology and associated products. Our central goals are satisfied customers, innovation and good team spirit.

Our range of Services include Electroluminescence and Photoluminescence characterisation of solar cells and solar modules, geometric and radiometric calibration of greateyes CCD cameras ans customized development and production of highly sensitive cameras.  

GSP Technology
Bettina-von-Arnim-Str. 16
15345 Altlandsberg
033438 - 67437

Projectmanagement for development projects for optoelctronic, fiber optik, microsystemtechnology, vacuum,  precision mechanics, high resolution camera
project planning,finacial support, fundraising, project implementation, marketing


Königsweg 10
14163 Berlin
Hans Boehlke Elektroinstallationen GmbH
Am Dachsbau 63
13503 Berlin
+49 3304 / 39 35 12

The traditional business is marketed under the successful management of the lighting designer Andreas Boehlke as a family business in 3rd generation and will celebrate the 70th Anniversairy in 2016.

The Center of the company represents modern lighting technology, such as exhibition and poster illumination, Christmas lights, lighting concepts for indoor and outdoor areas, lighting installations for shops and shopping malls, festivals and events, and much more!
The development of creative and individual event and projection concepts involving 3D or 4D video mappings for facade projections done under provision of the necessary equipment for every need and desire.

The consultancy for an optimized energy consumption is the basis for the use of modern LED lights under economic and ecological aspects.

References and Networks, as Berlin Partner GmbH, AG City, Die Mitte e.V., Wirtschaftskreis Mitte, FAMAB, Marketing Club Berlin, VBKI, German Council of Shopping Centers and others complete the profile.

Even abroad projects are being implemented, for example, festive lighting for Djibouti was designed and installed in 2013.

Andreas Boehlke is considered a co-founder of the Festival of Lights and has launched another, less commercial Event "BERLIN Leuchtet" in 2013: Sights, buildings and streets shine in the glow of lights and illuminations allover the city the whole year and enchant the viewer! In the period from 2 - 18 .Okober 2015 the fascinating event will start for the 3rd time instead.

Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH
Treskowstr. 14
13089 Berlin
Hellux Construktions-Licht GmbH
Nunsdorfer Ring 20
12277 Berlin
HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie GmbH
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Str. 2
14532 Kleinmachnow
+49 33203 883-0


HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie GmbH, a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated, is one of the world's leading suppliers in the laser material processing industry. Its innovative laser processing heads and fibre beam delivery systems are used for laser cutting and welding as well as for brazing in the advanced manufacturing industry. Headquarters and production is located near Berlin, Germany. With a worldwide network of distributors HIGHYAG is represented internationally.

Rhinstraße 134
12681 Berlin
HOLOEYE Photonics AG
Volmerstrasse 1
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 4036 9380

HOLOEYE Photonics AG is providing products and services in the fields of diffractive optics (DOE), active spatial light modulation (SLM) and LCOS microdisplay components.

Diffractive Optics
HOLOEYE offers customized design, fabrication and replication of Diffractive Optical Elements. Additionally HOLOEYE provides a broad range of standard Diffractive Optical Elements with various patterns like dot arrays, dot-circles, circles, multi-lines and cross patterns.

Spatial Light Modulators
HOLOEYE’s offers the greatest variety of Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) for phase and amplitude modulation. These SLM devices are based on translucent or reflective liquid crystal microdisplays. The optical function or information to be displayed can be taken directly from the optic design software or an image source and can be transferred by a computer interface. Additionally HOLOEYE offers the OptiXplorer, an education kit based on the translucent LC 2002 Spatial Light Modulator. This kit contains a variety of experiments for laboratory courses in optical physics.  

LCOS Microdisplay Components
HOLOEYE offers a great variety of microdisplay types and products as OEM solution in higher quantities. Different display types (translucent, reflective), different display modes (twisted nematic; vertically aligned nematic), resolutions up to 1920x1200 pixel, frame rates up to 180 Hz, panel sizes from 0.177” to 1,8”, monochrome or color sequential displays and different features (amplitude or phase modulation) provide solutions for a broad range of applications.

Borkumstraße 2
13189 Berlin
HTL High Tech Light GmbH
Antonienstr. 23
13403 Berlin
HUMA GmbH Feinwerktechnische Produkte und Brillenteile
Grünauer Weg 119
14712 Rathenow
Humedics GmbH
Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Straße 1
10625 Berlin
Hydrometeorologische Instrumente und Messanlagen Dyrk Peters
Kiefernring 47
14478 Potsdam
i-save energy GmbH
Ullsteinstraße 108
12109 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 797 08 00 00


i-save energy from Berlin/Germany is specialized in development and production of eco-friendly and efficient LED technology. The company name represents the promise that everybody using our products is saving energy, reducing the CO2 output and is doing something good for our planet. We at i-save energy promote the use of efficient lighting products to lower the energy consumption and to make the world ready for the future.

LED fixtures for hall lighting
i-save LED fixtures named ApoluxLED and OzoneLED convince through robust fabrication, high light power (>28.000 Lumen) and an efficiency that reduces energy costs on a high level.

LED T8 tubes
The i-save energy T8 LED Tubes replace the inefficient T8 systems still installed in many enterprises. T8 LED Tubes by i-save energy are eminently suitable as indoor lighting. Due to their efficiency and life span the conversion from old T8 solutions pays off within a short time.

Ident Technologies GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29 / Raum 230-232
12489 Berlin
IfG Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29/31
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6392 6500

The company IfG Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH was founded in 2003 and has continued the business of the company IfG - Institut für Gerätebau GmbH founded already in 1993 with the same staff. Based on the development and industrial manufacturing of nano and microstructured glass products the IfG GmbH opened new perspectives for X-ray analytical methods and instruments. The company started its activities in 1993 with 3 employees at present 26 staff members are working at IfG. The product spectrum reflects also the research and development activities of the company:


  • X-ray capillary optics of different configurations as the main business segment; A new generation of compact X-ray analytical instruments, e. g. as the additional module iMOXS for micro XRF in scanning electron microscopes;
  • XRF – measuring heads ELBRUS for on-line process control of the manufacturing of photovoltaic elements; Combination of the analytical methods XRD and XRF in one instrument; Compact microfocus X - ray sources equipped with different X-ray optics; Femtosecond Laser Plasma Sources PXS; X-ray windows; Novel X-ray colour camera
IIE Vision Sensing GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Straße 16
12489 Berlin
IKODA GmbH Innovative Kommunikationstechnik
Märkische Str.
15806 Dabendorf
Illmer Gasgeräte
Winckelmannstraße 47
12487 Berlin
imc Meßsysteme GmbH
Voltastrasse 5
13355 Berlin
InBeCon GmbH
Zittauer Str. 60
12355 Berlin
+49 30 2175 80 74

InBeCon GmbH offers technical consulting and support for the design and the production of electro-technical components and modules. The emphasis of the extensive experience is in the fields of opto-electronics and microsystems technology e.g. in the adoption of micro-mechanics for the miniaturization of various components and assemblies.

We support your product development as well as optimization in close collaboration with all partners by modelling of the optics and multiphysics properties with FEM. InBeCon GmbH was assigned a “Certified Comsol Consultant” for such FEM simulations.

In the next step we consult about electronic packaging and assembly technology for the manufacturing of your products starting from sample manufacturing to volume production. Here we offer a 30-years experience with new production methods and the knowledge about the know-how of specialized foundry partners.  

InBeCon GmbH supports you with the IP-management for the protection of your know-how e.g. for patent generation, patent assessment as well as patent defence.

INDAL Deutschland GmbH
Am Borsigturm 70
13507 Berlin
Ingenieurbüro Hüyüktepe Helios Laser-Service
Potsdamer Str. 134
10783 Berlin
Ingenieurbüro Lutz Werner Stromversorgungstechnik - Entwicklung und Service
Schwarzschildstraße 1
12489 Berlin
inmotec Automation GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 325
12555 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6576 - 3278

The inmotec Automation GmbH employs both with standard and advanced technologies in the fields of motion control, controls and safety equipment. Inmotec implements small and large automation projects with complex hard and software, the complete range of HMI (PC, Linux, Windows, NET, WinCC), plc (S7, TwinCAT) and motion control (EtherCAT, CAM, motion technology, trajectory generation) is covered. Inmotec is distributor and supporter of ACS Motion Control (manufacturer of precise and dynamic motion control, including piezo actuators).

Instrument Systems GmbH - Optronik Division
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 16-24
10553 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 349941-0

Instrument Systems GmbH - Optronik Division is one of the leading European manufacturers and suppliers of light measurement equipment.
Founded in 1968, the Optronik Division plays a leading role in the industry, furnishing entire light labs to the automotive and transportation, but also general lighting engineering sector. Its main products are large goniophotometer systems, retroreflectometers, and photometers. Optronik's clientele includes prestigious testing and certification institutes as well as nearly all major suppliers of automotive lighting and many automobile manufacturers.
Instrument Systems GmbH - Optronik Division can offer a unique product portfolio meeting our customers present and future requirements also for critical light sources such as LED.

Products an Services:

  • Goniophotometer for  automotive and vehicle lighting; traffic Lights, taxiway & runway lighting, bicycle and motorcycle lights, LED's and LED lamps,
  • Solutions for general lighting
  • Special Goniophotometer solutions
  • System luxmeters
  • Luminance meters
  • Retroreflectometers
  • Measurement systems for quality control
  • Measurement systems for laboratory application
  • Integrating Spheres for the measurement of luminous flux and luminous color
  • (color coordinates and temperature) of bulbs (and different accessories)
  • Tristimulus Colorimeters
  • Phototopic Detectors
  • Calibration tools
  • Luminous Intensity calibration bulbs
  • Luminance standards (uniform light sources)
  • Flux calibration bulbs
  • Customized solutions depending on your specific application
  • Light measurement Software
  • Software for measuring automotive and vehicle Lighting (ECE, SAE, FMVSS108, DIN)
  • Software for measuring runway lighting / taxiway lighting (FAA, ICAO)
  • Bulb measurement with integrating sphere
  • Software for special light measurement applications
InSystems Automation GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
IOM Innovative Optische Messtechnik GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 5
12489 Berlin
IpeA GmbH
Fürstenwalder Allee 28
12589 Berlin
IQ wireless GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Strasse 14
12489 Berlin
IQ wireless GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Straße 14
12489 Berlin
+49(0)30 6392-80505
iris-GmbH infrared & intelligent sensors
Ostendstr. 1-14
12459 Berlin
+49 (0)30 58 58 14-0

iris-GmbH infrared & intelligent sensors is a developer and manufacturer of sensor components and products for Automatic People Counting.   The main product IRMA (InfraRed Motion Analyzer) is a passenger counter for public transport.   The sensors will be installed above the vehicle doors and will transmit the number of boarding and alighting passengers to the on-board computer. These solutions for Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) are in use at many transport operators all over the world.   For this passenger counting application iris is using optoelectronic sensors working on various physical principles:   Special know-how was accumulated in the areas of thermal infrared sensors (FIR, passive IR), sensors in the near infrared (NIR, active IR), three-dimensional distance measurement using Time-of-flight (TOF) and related signal processing.   These various sensor technologies are leading to a portfolio with several product lines, from which – according to the technical and commercial requirements of the project – an appropriate solution for the customer will be chosen.  With a strong technological base in micro system technology and an own clean room line iris is able to design and manufacture also the real core element – the infrared receiver – dedicated to the specific requirements of passenger counting in the vehicle.  Thus iris is able to optimize the devices already from the receiver element on to the targeted application and has so a special degree of freedom for the design of the sensor solution.  The special assembly and test fixtures, created by iris‘ own test engineering, enable a reliable test and calibration for all physical, electronic and optical parameters that are essential for the operation of the sensors. Furthermore enables this consistent computer-based 100% test and documentation of all devices with traceability down to the individual sensor.  A special care is taken at the research for new sensor technologies for Automatic Passenger Counting. For this purpose iris is cooperating with various universities and research institutes. This is leading in mid-term to further new generations of APC sensors completing the portfolio offered to the market of public transportation.  The company was founded in 1991 and is located in Berlin-Schöneweide.

Isios GmbH
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin


ISM Ingenieurbüro für Gerätebau GmbH
Ernst-Augustin-Str. 12
12489 Berlin
ISRA Vision Graphikon GmbH
Mandelstr. 16
10409 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 42104-700

Vision Systems for Automatically Optical Inspektion

itec Automation & Laser AG
Kanalstraße 34
12357 Berlin
IUT Institut für Umwelttechnologie GmbH
Volmerstraße 7B
12489 Berlin
IXYS Berlin GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Str. 11
12489 Berlin
JCMwave GmbH
Bolivarallee 22
14050 Berlin
+49 (30) 84185 480


JCMwave offers state-of-the-art software and support for fast and accurate optics simulations.

Key application areas of the advanced finite-element solver JCMsuite include computational lithography and metrology, light trapping in solar cells, silicon optics, VCSELs, photonic crystal fibers, plasmonics, metamaterials, resonators, and others.

In simulation benchmarks with competing methods JCMwave's software is superior in accuracy and speed by several orders of magnitude. JCMwave has been founded in 2001 as a spin-off company from the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB), a research institute for applied mathematics.

Jenoptik Diode Lab GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 2
12489 Berlin
Jenoptik Polymer Systems GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 325b
12555 Berlin
Carl-Scheele-Str. 16
12489 Berlin

"Knowledge-based production (PAT)"  A detailed understanding of production processes can directly increase product quantity and value using fewer resources.    JP-ProteQ focuses on the measurement and analysis of manufacturing data so that the customer can improve his production control processes. At the same time we are not restricted to a particular technology or manufacturer. The task is always the center of our work.    Whenever possible, this task is achieved through the modification of existing technology. This is the fastest and most economical method. For this reason we co-operate with proven partners, who bring their detailed know-how to each individual project.In some cases, however, we also develop our own technical solutions, especially when laser technology is required.

JPK Instruments AG
Bouchestrasse 12,Haus 2, Aufgang C
12435 Berlin
JTL-Bio Tec.Analytics
Carl-Scheele-Straße 16
12489 Berlin
+49(0)30 63927122
+49(0)30 63927124
Karlheinz Gutsche GmbH
Wildmeisterdamm 276
12353 Berlin
Kaufel GmbH & Co. KG
Colditzstr. 34-36
12099 Berlin
Kieback & Peter GmbH & Co. KG
Tempelhofer Weg 50
12347 Berlin
Klaus Slischka Mess- und Regelungstechnik GmbH
Ehrlichstrasse 39
10318 Berlin
Klinger-Neon Hansen & Munk GmbH
Blücherstraße 22
10961 Berlin
KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH
Hegauer Weg 38
14163 Berlin
030-80 97 27 - 0
+49 30 8015010

Located in the south-west of Berlin, KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH has been developing and producing laboratory instruments for the chemical and life science sector for 55 years.
The main focus of the company activity is on liquid chromatography, but the HPLC components are also used in many other applications. KNAUER HPLC detectors for example, are applied in direct optical analysis. The spectrophotometers or refractive index detectors can be used in all flow applications requiring on-line detection of dissolved substances.

The range of photometric detection systems offered includes UV/VIS and diode array detectors (DAD). These detectors can be operated with a variety of flow cells ranging from analytical (high sensitivity) to preparative (lower sensitivity for the detection of main components) applications. The latest development is the integration of a so-called nano-flow cell with which very small liquid flows can be investigated spectrometrically.

A special feature of KNAUER photometric detectors is the possibility to connect fiber optic cables. The resulting spatial separation of the detector and the flow cell makes it possible, for example, to measure at high temperatures or in hazardous environments with an explosion risk. It is also possible to measure in tight spaces.

The main business of KNAUER is the development and production of system solutions for liquid chromatography. The product portfolio includes UHPLC systems, biochromatography systems and sample preparation systems. The offered HPLC solutions for sample purification range from preparative batch HPLC to continuous simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography.

KNAUER is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 and is committed to environmentally-friendly solutions both in processes within the company as well as in the environmental impact of its products. Family friendliness for the 130 employees and corporate social responsibility play an important part in the company policy.

KOMLAS Optische Komponenten und Lasersysteme
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Kraft- und Lichtanlagen GmbH
Birkenstraße 2
15378 Herzfelde
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
L & M Laser und Meßtechnik GmbH
Weinbergstr. 20
14542 Werder
L.E.T. Gesellschaft für angewandte Lichttechnik mbH
Sperenberger Str. 1
12277 Berlin
LAD Light Audio Design UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Carl-Scheele-Str. 16
12489 Berlin
+49(0)157 33902686
Laser Electronics
Salzgitter Str. 30
15732 Schulzendorf
+49 (0)33762 / 206015

Laser Electronics also designs and manufactures high-power laser diode systems for pumping of solid state and fiber lasers which are used in material processing and general industrial and laboratory applications.
The laser-diode controller LDC1000 is a laser diode driver and TEC-driver in one device. The laser diode driver delivers both CW and pulse currents, and provides up to 150 amps to high-power laser diodes, laser arrays and laser stacks. The integrated TEC driver powers Peltier coolers with up to 600 watts.
Laser Electronics delivers the Peltier coolers COOL30, COOL50 and COOL100 which are suitable to cool laser diodes with 30 watts, 50 watts and 100 watts optical performance.
Laser Electronics provides both individual components and complete laser diode systems including lasers diodes, fiber and optics.
Laser Electronics provides both individual components and complete laser diode systems including lasers diodes, fiber and optics. Laser diode systems are available with up to 250 watts, 200 to 600 micrometers fiber diameter and wavelengths of 808, 880, 915, 938 and 976 nanometers .

Laser Micro Präzision LMP GmbH
Potsdamer Str. 27
14542 Werder
+49 (0)3327 / 572494

The Laser Micro Präzision LMP GmbH is active as service provider in the field of laser finishing. Beside conducting drilling, cutting, labeling and precision welding jobs, they also offer the structuring of ultra-thin layers, which is used for various structuring tasks in the fields of electronics and medicine.
Additionally, they develop, test and optimize laser-technical procedures, alongside producing and evaluating pilot and prototypes. Depending on individual demands, we provide advice and assistance to our customers and clients in defining the task for the application and implementation of laser-technical procedures of various manufacturing tasks.


Laser-Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg GmbH
James-Franck-Str. 21
12489 Berlin
+49 (30) 3300810 0

The company Laser-Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg GmbH produces equipment for use in laser technology. Besides the standard solutions, the company is primarily dedicated to the development and production of specialized equipment for innovative laser technology with the main emphasis being on minimized micrometres in laser processing.

  • Due to the specific, unique and precise features, we offer, the equipment is not standard and, therefore, not readily available on the market.
  • The Company’s Application Laboratory has highly diverse processors with varying lasers at it’s disposal for acquiring and meeting the specific custom solutions required by all our clients.
  • The company employs Specialists with decades of extensive experience in the field of laser technology. 
LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH
Crellestr. 19/20
10827 Berlin
LayTec AG
Seesener Str. 10-13
10709 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 3980080-0

LayTec is a major provider of integrated metrology for thin-film deposition and other high value generating processes. LayTec’s equipment is used in a broad range of applications like optoelectronics, electronics, PV, displays, optics and photonics, SEMI, automotive industry and others. LayTec’s integrated metrology tools provide access to all key parameters during deposition processes in real-time – either in-situ during the process or in-line during substrate transfer between deposition chambers.
LayTec’s metrology is used in industry and development worldwide and offers unique benefits: process deviations are quickly identified and corrected, development cycles are accelerated, the transfer and ramp-up of established processes to new lines is facilitated and conditions are easily re-established after maintenance.


LEDs UP GmbH Speziallampenbau
Carl-Scheele-Str. 16
12489 Berlin
Nonnendammallee 44
13629 Berlin
+49 30 259 365 101/ 301

LEDVANCE GmbH is a fully-owned subsidiary of OSRAM GmbH and is one of the world's leading providers of lamps for professional users and retail customers. The company offers advanced LED lamps as well as a wide range of traditional light sources, standardized luminaires and intelligent, networked solutions in the Smart Home and Smart Building sectors. LEDVANCE is active in more than 120 countries and had approximately 9,000 employees as of 1 July 2016. In the 2015 fiscal year general lighting amounted to around 40 percent of OSRAM turnover or approximately two billion Euros.

Leisegang Feinmechanik-Optik GmbH
Leibnizstraße 32
10625 Berlin
LensWista AG
Magnusstraße 11
12489 Berlin
LEONI Fiber Optics GmbH
Nalepastr. 170 - 171
12459 Berlin
+49 (0) 30-53 00 58-0

The  Business Unit Fiber Optics of the LEONI Group is one of the leading suppliers of high quality fused silica, preforms and optical fibers for special industrial and optical applications, sensor technology and optical analysis, scientific purposes, the telecommunication sector and laser medicine. (Alternative: for laser transmission in special industrial and medical applications, optics, sensor technologies and optical analysis, scientific purposes and the telecommunication sector)

LEONI offers a unique product portfolio at every stage in the value chain: from fused silica to preforms and drawn fibers, to fiber-optic cables and entire optical fiber systems fitted with inhouse-design components developed by LEONI.

Throughout the world, there are only about a dozen enterprises who are masters of the basic optical technologies for the development and fabrication of optical fibers. LEONI Fiber Optics is one of them. We deliver fiber optical products not only for general applications but also where systematic problem solutions are needed.

We employ about 600 colleagues who develop and fabricate fiber optical systems and special components.

We operate seven production sites throughout Germany, i.e. Berlin, Central Franconia, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and in North Baden. Our subsidiary LEONI Fiber Optics Inc. represents LEONI Fiber Optics on the North American continent with a site in Williamsburg (Virginia). We furthermore operate a site in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in China.

lesswire GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 30
12489 Berlin
+30 6392 8283
Licel GmbH
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin
Lichtvision Design & Engineering GmbH
Welserstrasse 10-12
10777 Berlin
Light Audio Design UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Müllerstr. 126A QG2
13349 Berlin
+49 157 5489 3333

The focus of Light Audio Design is the design and manufacture of energy efficient lighting devices based on LED technology.
We are a subsidiary of "OOO Light Audio Design" (Chelyabinsk, Russia), which has been successfully present on the market with the development and production of LED devices since 2006. Modern high-tech equipment, highly skilled professionals, as well as a careful selection of suppliers of components ensure a consistently high quality of our products.
In our products, we deliberately avoid low quality components and use "CREE inc." Company (USA) LED chips, which currently have the highest efficiency ratios.

All lighting devices can be individually modified by our engineers for each project according to customer requirements in light output, beam angle, insulation class (eg, IP 67), etc..

Moreover, the high technical and operational characteristics and reliability of lighting devices in successful tests and operating at various municipal and industrial enterprises, even under harsh climatic and environmental conditions, confirmed.

Our main products include road, industrial, indoor, object, office, commercial and staircase lighting as well as explosionproof lighting systems.

We create a product that helps our clients to meet illumination challenges efficiently and offer solutions ensuring compliance with all regulations and standards, cost-efficiency, reliability, safety, and ease of use.

Limmer Laser GmbH
Schwarzschildstr. 1
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6392 5570

Limmer Laser GmbH is a German company, specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of medical lasers and accessories. Our products cover all the major disciplines of human, dental and veterinary medicine. For each discipline a broad range of high quality accessories is available, such as the VACULAS smoke evacuator. The product range includes CO2 Lasers, Diode Lasers and Specialty Lasers.

Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 39 88 85 50


The name of the company is an abbreviation standing for "Laser Instruments New LINE". The company was founded in 1994 and established with the intention of being a scientific and research organization. Studying the mechanisms which influence the laser radiation impact on biological tissues became our main objective. Many thousand of tests have been conducted in the years since the company was established, laying a solid foundation for further scientific research conducted by LINLINE.
Currently, LINLINE is the world leader in the research and development of highly selective methods of impacting narrowly-targeted biological tissues, which is in very high demand by professionals of esthetic medicine all over the world. LINLINE holds several international patents, focused on securing unique methods of treatment.

LINLINE today is a succesfully functioning consortium of companies with multinational representation. Our headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany. The field of the company’s activity can be summarized as “laser medicine”.

Our equipment
We do not offer a miracle set of “medical hardware” to be used in laser cosmetological medicine. No! We offer a reliable means to achieve the necessary results to satisfy the patients` expectations and set goals. It would be enough for the operating doctor to choose a required procedure and the laser device will automatically set the optimal parameters of radiation. It is important that the preprogrammed sets of parameters have been repeatedly tested in practicing laser medicine.

Our plans
We will continue our development and search for innovative techniques to be applied in the field of laser surgery. We will remain loyal to our principle: to hand laser machinery to doctors only after we have made sure that we can guarantee that the doctor will succeed with the device which will provide the highest quality of medical care.

LittleSun GmbH
Christinenstrasse 18/19
10119 Berlin
030 / 200 039 141

Little Sun is a social business and global project founded by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen to bring clean, reliable, affordable light to the 1.1 billion people around the world living in off-grid areas without electricity. The project’s first product, the Little Sun solar lamp, is sold all over the world. Purchasing Little Suns in areas of the world with electricity makes the lamps available in off-grid areas at reduced, locally affordable prices, where they provide a clean alternative to toxic and expensive fuel-based lighting such as kerosene lanterns.

Not only for off-grid areas, Little Sun is popular across the globe. For those with electricity, Little Sun is the perfect introduction to personal solar-powered light: it’s great for camping, festivals, at the beach, or for brightening your home, garden, or balcony. Little Sun welcomes collaborations with companies of all sizes who share their passion for solar energy or who would simply like to get involved in some capacity.

Little Sun addresses the need for light in a sustainable way that benefits off-grid communities by working with local entrepreneurs, creating local jobs, and generating local profits. The Little Sun project was officially launched in July 2012 at London’s Tate Modern. Since then, more than 270,000 Little Sun lamps have been distributed worldwide, with almost half going to off-grid areas. In April 2014, Little Sun received a ground-breaking $5 million impact investment from Bloomberg Philanthropies, making it possible to scale up Little Sun’s operations across the African continent.

Little Sun's second solar energy product is Little Sun Charge: a high performance solar phone charger which will launch in 2015. Little Sun Charge is a product with equal appeal to design-savvy types living on-grid as well as those needing a reliable source of energy for their mobile phones in off-grid areas.

LJU Sondermaschinenbau GmbH
Mielestrasse 2
14542 Werder
LLA Instruments GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 9/11
12489 Berlin
030 - 6290790-0

For more than 20 years, LLA Instruments GmbH (LLA) develops and manufactures analytical technology for chemical imaging in process and laboratory usage. NIR spectrometer by LLA are utilised worldwide for the analysis and sorting of material streams e.g. waste separation in recycling. LLA technology enables the identification of PVC in PET-flakes sorting or identification of extraneous material in paper recycling at maximum efficiency. In addition, the imaging NIR spectrometers are also used in C & D recycling, minerals and food sorting. The NIR portfolio includes hyperspectral cameras as well as multiplexed NIR spectrometers. Further accessories such as illumination units, software package, RGB line scan camera and comprehensive support complete the NIR portfolio of LLA. The rugged product design is ideally suited for use in harsh environmental conditions. For standard applications, LLA provides ready-to-use analysis routines. Based on LLA's longtime experience, further applications can be developed and customised for new sensor-based sorting applications. The high-resolution Echelle spectrometer ESA 4000 was developed for the in-situ analysis of inorganic matter e.g. metal and glass and is used in high profile research projects. Element sensitive detection is realized by an on-line XRF analyzer.


LMT Lichtmeßtechnik GmbH Berlin
Helmholtzstrasse 9
10587 Berlin
LOPTEK Glasfasertechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Ernst-Lau-Straße 8
12489 Berlin
+49 30 6288730
LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH
Am Studio 2c
12489 Berlin
+49 30 91 20 75 100

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH is an innovative world-wide operating developer and manufacturer of short-pulse lasers in the whole optical spectral range, and of different spectrometers and laser-based measuring technique. LTB provides:

Laser sources for industrial analytics and medical diagnostics (MALDI, LIFS, FRET, µ-LIBS)

- state-of-the-art nitrogen lasers at 337 nm
- pulsed laser systems in the range of 225 – 900 nm

Highest-resolution echelle spectrometers for the development, production control and quality testing of diode lasers and lithography excimer lasers as well as for laser induced breakdown and Raman spectroscopy

- ELIAS: Emission LIne Analyzing Spectrometer series – world’s leading commercial echelle spectrometer series with highest spectral resolution in the range of 0.5 million – 10 million
- DEMON: Double Echelle MONochromator series - resolving power of up to 200,000 (2 pm @ 400 nm) at unrivaled high light throughput
- ARYELLE: ARaY echELLE series – broadband spectrometer series with a spectral resolving power in the range of 5,000 – 50,000 – mainly intended for LIBS applications

Laser-based measuring technique for spectroscopic material analysis, process analytics and medical diagnostics (LIBS, Raman, LIF):

- LIBSlab – modular benchtop LIBS device
- LIBSorter – industrial recycling and sorting of metals with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
- PAnalyzer – fast multi-elemental mapping of solar PV modules with LIBS – qualitative and quantitative analysis- Customized solutions and engineering services with regard to optical applications in material and process analytics

Lucelab GmbH
Immanuelkirchstr. 32
10405 Berlin
LUCEO Technologies GmbH
Am Borsigturm 13
13507 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 814 512 40 02

Luceo Technologies GmbH was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Started by a group of engineers, the company has gained admirable recognition in the test and measurement equipment market for optical component and transceiver characterization. The company offers affordable, yet fully-featured, bit error rate testers. The products are highly flexible and customizable due to the modular approach, in line with customers’ needs.
Based on its recent research on the bit error rate testers (BERT) market, Frost & Sullivan presents Luceo Technologies GmbH with the 2012 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Price Performance Value Leadership. A key market participant, Luceo Technologies has differentiated itself by offering highly competitive, modular products that are available at a very low price when compared to its competitors.
Luceo Technologies is focused mainly on the production environment and is well positioned to address growing technologies such as SONET/SDH, bolstering market growth. Its products offer testing capabilities for 40 gigabit and 100 gigabit Ethernet technologies, thereby enabling customers to test at higher data rates.
The X-BERT has both electrical and optical interfaces giving customers the option to perform parallel tests to increase capacity during production. This helps save time and speed up production. Due to its lower cost, even institutes with limited budgets have purchased these products, saving money for research and development.
With the PARALLEX® product, the customer has the option to increase the bandwidth by adding channels. This product finds extensive use in applications such as active optical cable (AOC), QSFP, PCI Express Gen 3 with 8 channels of 8GBit/s, or 40GbE/100GbE that requires simultaneous testing of several channels with individual controls. The test system can add 24 channels allowing customers to save money by customizing their product to the number of channels they require and upgrade when required.
Luceo Technologies also strives to provide superior support to customers. It partners with well-known distributors to sell globally and provide adequate support to solve customers’ problems quickly. Customers need not wait for their servicing, and the end users have easy access to engineers. This provides Luceo Technologies' clients with a significant advantage. In addition, the company offers training during the installation phase and operational phase over the web to enable clients to access information from their office.
Overall, there is a huge demand for Luceo Technologies’ products due to the unmatched price performance value.
Despite being a relatively small company in terms of size, Luceo Technologies’ products offer impressive quality and performance on par with that of the tier 1 companies in the BERT market. The company has been able to add new clients to its customer base mainly through the high level of recommendations it gets from existing clients, which in turn helps the company to increase its brand recognition in the market.
Understanding the fact that the demand for bit error rate testers is growing in Asia Pacific, the company extended its distribution channels in China, Korea and other countries with a new sales team.

Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 3
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6780 6030

The L.U.M. GmbH is one of the leading producers for analytical devices for dispersion analysis and particle characterization.On the basis of longtime experiences in the field of fluid mechanics, rheology and colloid chemistry the company, founded by Prof. Dr. D. Lerche in 1994, has developed the innovative STEP™-technology, which is the technical platform for different product lines. The produced measuring equipment is used for the fast, reliable and comprehensive characterization of any demixing phenomena in dispersions. The innovative devices are part of standard laboratory equipment in leading international companies of chemical, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Due to an effective network with national and international partners, latest research results are transformed into the present products and commercialized as new applications and devices. The portfolio is contineously extended.  L.U.M. GmbH offers a wide range of contract research and analysis in the competence fields, too. The innovative strength of L.U.M. and its staff is documented in many applied and granted patents as well as in reviewed international scientific publications. In December 2004 the LUM Corporation was founded in Boston, MA, USA, as L.U.M.'s own subsidiary, responsible for the sales in the NAFTA-region. The global LUM-sales network covering more than 40 countries at present is still expanding.
The new generation of Dispersion Analyzer LUMiSizer® is the complete dispersion lab in just one instrument. The LUMiSizer® simultaneously determines the demixing of 12 different dispersions at original concentration, based on the patented STEP-Technology®. Due to the acceleration of the demixing in the LUMiSizer up to a factor of 2300, information about e.g. colloidal stability, surfactant influence, particle size, agglomeration and flocculation of dispersions is obtained in drastically shortened time.
For rapidly demixing systems and for the analytical long-term monitoring of emulsions and suspensions LUM GmbH offers the product line LUMiReader®, adding objectivity to your view on stability and shelf-life.
The new Demixing Tester LUMiCheck® is your first step in dispersion analysis. This instrument is especially designed for the quality assurance lab. It is used for the uncomplicated, comparative stability analysis and particle characterization of dispersions in their original state (without sample preparation or dilution).

Lumi-Con Lighting Technologies
Setheweg 12
14089 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 36431189

Lumi-Con develops and sells high-quality and innovative LED lighting products.

We are concentrating on the development of our own highly integrated electronic DIMMER modules for LEDs. In addition we offer modern and high efficient LED-Units and LED-Luminaires.

Our DIMMER modules are high reliable and efficient electronic components, which are controlled by touch-sensors. Thus, mechanic switches or potentiometers are avoided which improves reliability. The modules are operated directly from mains voltage (230V/50Hz). The integrated efficient switch mode controller adjusts voltage and current to the needs of LEDs. The design is micro controller based hence adaption to other driving conditions or applications are easily possible.

Innovative, modern, high efficient and reliable LED luminaires are completing our product spectrum. The luminaires are desigend with our reliable dimmer modules and LEDs from well known big suppliers and thus providing a lifetime of up to 40000 hours or 30 years.

Lumics GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Str. 16
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 678 06 76 - 0

Lumics is an OEM manufacturer of fiber coupled diode laser modules and high performance diode lasers in the range of 750 nm to 1960 nm for demanding industrial and scientific applications. Our product range comprises diode lasers in industry standard packages such as 14-pin butterfly, 8-pin miniDIL and 2-pin TO220 as well as a series of compact fiber coupled laser modules with output powers up to 900 W.

Lutron Electronics GmbH
Landsberger Allee 201
13055 Berlin
m2c measurement & calibration
Alt Nowawes 83a
14482 Potsdam
MAF Microelectronic Assembly Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Straße 24
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Magnettech GmbH
Louis-Blériot-Str. 5
12487 Berlin
Magson GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Straße 14
12489 Berlin
Manfred Gabbert Laserentwicklung e. K.
Schwarzschildstr. 10
12489 Berlin
Margus Elektro-Opto-Technik Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
MB Whitaker & Associates
Klettenberger Str. 25A
12524 Berlin
ME-Meßsysteme GmbH
Neuendorfstr. 18 b
16761 Hennigsdorf
Mechanisch-Optische-Metallverarbeitung GmbH
Jahnstr. 27
14712 Rathenow
+49 (0)3385 / 548640

With headquarters Rathenow, a location was selected, which can look back on more than 200 years of tradition in precision mechanics and optics.

In 1999, the company was founded by Wolfgang Schröder as managing director. He studied precision mechanics and has since had close ties to this industry.
His son Mathias Schröder has been working in the company since 2004. In 2009 he was appointed 2nd managing director.

On a production area of more than 1000 square meters, MOM GmbH develops and produces mechanical and optical products. The focus lies on the manufacture of spectacle frames made from titanium.
Due to laser technology the company breaks new ground in manufacturing technology. Several laser systems, not only in mass production, but also for single pieces, ensure a smooth production process.
The machine park includes not only laser cutting and welding technology but also resistance welding equipment, and hydraulic presses up to 150 T.

The special knowledge about the processing of titanium in combination with the appropriate technology is a complex offer for all customers who appreciate "Made in Germany".

MGB Endoskopische Geräte GmbH Berlin
Schwarzschildstr. 6
12489 Berlin
micro resist technology GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 325
12555 Berlin
microtech GmbH electronic
Oderstraße 42
14513 Teltow
Volmerstraße 9
12489 Berlin
MILAN Geoservice GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
+49(0)355 2892 4602
+49(0)355 2892 4112
MLP Prozeßleittechnik GmbH
Lehmkuhlenring 14
15344 Straussberg
MolTech - Molecular Technology GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29-31 (OWZ)
12489 Berlin
Moser Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
Geneststr. 7
10829 Berlin
Move & Traffic Controls GmbH
Bouchéstraße 12, Haus 1
12435 Berlin
MRT Medizinische Röntgentechnik GmbH
Friedrich-Starke-Str. 1
15569 Woltersdorf
Thiemannstraße 1
12059 Berlin
MSG Lithoglas GmbH
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 46403 618

Lithoglas designs, manufactures and markets wafer-level components of high optical quality on the basis of our structurable low-temperature glass deposition technology, which is also available as a subcontractor service. We address growth markets like passivation or encapsulation of electronic components and semiconductors, automotive MEMS, MOEMS or Bio-MEMS.
Lithoglas cooperates closely with the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM) in Berlin.

Lithoglas‘ unique glass technology offers highly hermetic and reliable structured glass coatings at high deposition rates at low substrate temperatures.


Am Kleinen Wannsee 12 J
14109 Berlin
Namendo Solutions AG
Max-Planck-Straße 3
12489 Berlin
+4930 20659408
+4930 20659200
NanoFluor GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
+4930 20937555
Narva - G.L.E. Gesellschaft für lichttechnische Erzeugnisse mbH
Herzbergstr. 26
10365 Berlin
Newport Spectra-Physics GmbH
Ruhlsdorfer Str. 95
14532 Stahnsdorf
+49 (0)3329 / 6387-0

Newport Spectra Physics GmbH Stahnsdorf: Development and manufacture of very compact, active Q-switched lasers in the green and UV wavelength range. The ns laser pulses with of up to 300 kHz pulse repetition frequency can be used for material processing, including applications in photovoltaics, to mark and in a variety of devices in measurement technology / analysis.

The company is a subsidiary of the American Newport Corporation. The Newport Corporation is a global leader in advanced technology products and solutions for scientific research, microelectronics, aerospace, defense / security, biotechnology and precision industrial manufacturing. Newport's innovative solutions are based on the company’s know-how in semiconductor, solid-state and ultrafast lasers with high output power, photonic instruments, sub-micron positioning systems, vibration isolation, optical components and subsystems, as well as high-precision automation solutions; they are used for expand opportunities and increase productivity in manufacturing, research and development of the company's customers. Newport is listed in the Standard & Poor SmallCap 600 Index and in the Russell Microcap Index.

NOB Neutron Optics Berlin GmbH
Krumme Str. 64
10627 Berlin
OB Vision GbR
Linienstraße 198
12489 Berlin
obrira-Optik Brillen GmbH Rathenow
Paracelsusstraße 7
14712 Rathenow
Oculentis GmbH
Am Borsigturm 58
13507 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 43 09 55 0

Competency in intraocular surgery since 1995

Oculentis develops, manufactures and sells innovative products in the field of intraocular surgery. The core specialities are LENTIS® intraocular lenses (IOL). As German based company Oculentis is driven by highest quality and technology goals and it strives to find the optimum eye care solution for surgeon and patient.

Peerless: Oculentis' highly anticipated multifocal toric intraocular lens the LENTIS® Mplus Toric combines the prized presbyopia correction of the patented LENTIS® Mplus IOL with the finest astigmatism correction provided by the LENTIS® Tplus technology in one single IOL.

Oculyze GmbH
Hochschulring 1
15745 Wildau
+49 151 617 179 61

Oculyze is an award winning (Science4Life, BPW, TechnologySlam) Startup that creates custom solutions for image analysis. With our hand-held microscope and image recognition service we enable you to take a microscopic image and get a result within seconds, no expensive equipment or specific expertise required! Our vision is: Microscopic analysis for everyone, everywhere.  

Our first application is "Oculyze - Better Brewing": A quick and easy analysis of brewer's yeast, with a special focus on the needs of craft breweries. We automatically determine the concentration  and the cell-viability of yeast. Our device is significantly faster and significantly cheaper than the competition.

This is only the beginning however, other application in various stages of development are: Automated cervix analysis for dairy cows, sperm analysis (CASA), malaria detection and wastewater monitoring.  

OECA Opto-Elektronische Componenten und Applikations GmbH
Handwerkerstr. 13
15366 Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten
+49 33 42 - 36 88 0

fiber aligned opto-electronic components for datacom and sensing applications

Wildbahn 8i
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
+49 (0)335 / 5213894

The company OEG GmbH develops and manufactures measuring systems for optical, geometrical and physical parameters, for example for the measurement of effective focal length, back focal length, centering, MTF, MTF of image intensifier tubes, angle (prism angle, deflection angle). The OEG GmbH supplies optical instruments like collimators and autocollimators.  The scope of supply covers the complete manufacturing process from the dveleopment of the principle, the mechanical construction and manufacturing, development of software and elektronics, the assembly and on site installation. The measuring systems are usually software controlled and based on image processing for data acquisition.

Die OEG GmbH was founded in 1991 and installed since them equipment worldwide onto all continents.

Beside the measuring systems for optical parameters we produce special measuring microscopes, contact angle meters, car windshield scanner, Flatness and thin film stress measuring systems, micro diamond scribers. As service we offer measurement of optical parameters and customized development of measuring equipment.

Ophthalmica Brillengläser GmbH & Co. KG
Grünauer Fenn 2
14712 Rathenow
Optigraph GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Optik Werkstatt GmbH
Benzstr. 46-50
12277 Berlin
Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab
Amundsenstr. 10
14469 Potsdam
+49 (0)331 / 583 99 12

Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab und Dr. Corinna Raab GbR is an enterprises for development, consulting, and intellectual property in the fields of lasers and optics. This is achieved by simulation and experimental verification in our own application laboratories. Specializations comprise semiconductor laser systems and special optics for beam shaping, LED's, and fiber coupling.

Optikexpertisen helps small and medium sized enterprises with his know-how and laboratories to realize optical measurements, simulations, and development.

Optikexpertisen Dr. Volker Raab und Dr. Corinna Raab GbR is active since 2006 regionally, Germany-wide, and in four other European countries (CH, FR, ES, GB), since 2016 also in Australia. Over the last ten years we have completed over 80 projects.

Fields of Activity: Typical developments improve the beam quality of laser, wavelength stabilization and tuning, spectral multiplexing, and frequency conversion. Optical optimizations deal with complex fiber coupling, achromatic or astigmatic optics, and spectroscopy. Applications cover medical technology, meterology, and material processing.

Range of Services: improve beam quality; wavelength stabilizing or tuning; Second Harmonics Generation; spectral multiplexing for power scaling

Experimental feasibility: testing, alignments development of demonstrators in own laboratory or in customer's laboratory

Optics design and simulation: Mainly  ZEMAX but also wave propagation. Complex fiber coupling; laser resonators; beam shaping (astigmatism, beam quality); spectroscopy; dispersive elements; achromatic optics

Research & Development Activities: Power scaling of semiconductor lasers by spectral multiplexing

OPTIX-BD Optische Präzisionselemente GmbH
Meyerbeerstr. 30
13088 Berlin
OptoMed Optomedical Systems GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
+49(0)30 6786 633
Optosphere Spectroscopy GbR
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
+4930 63926130
OPTOTEC Optotechnischer Gerätebau GmbH Rathenow
Grünauer Fenn 42
14712 Rathenow
03385 - 572 333
OpTricon Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Optische Technologien mbH
Schwarzschildstrasse 1
12489 Berlin
Optris GmbH
Ferdinand-Buisson-Str. 14
13127 Berlin
OSA Opto Light GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 325 / Haus 201
12555 Berlin

OSA opto light GmbH develops, produces and distributes LED- Chips, SMD- LED and LED- modules with the focus on customized solutions. We produce a wide range of different chips in the range 560 - 1060 nm for low- and high current applications up to several Ampere. A major part of the chips produced are custom specific layouts or specifications. Besides surface – and volume emitting chips are point sources (diameter 200 µm, 50 µm and 25 µm) with green, yellow and red color in production. The same technology or conventional diffusion technology can be used for monolithic integrated displays, up to 40 independent LED signs on one chip.

These chips are sold to various customers or used in own SMD- packages based on PCB and ceramic materials. Chips within the peak wavelength range 355 - 1700 nm are used in low power (Rth about 150 K/W), medium Power (Rth about 60 K/W) and high power packages with thermal resistances down to 5 K/W. Optional primary optics can increase the efficiency of the system (series OLS-330 for 30°, OCL-490 for 20°). Besides single chip devices are combinations of up to 3 Chips in one 1206 package, two chips in a 0805 package possible like bipolar and duplex LED. The range of high power chips (Series OCX-440) contains 42 different wavelengths; this is the widest variation in one package worldwide and covers direct emitters and color conversion types. Besides standard packages customized adaptations and customized packages are developed and produced.

The development of high power systems with total electrical power of up to 100 W leaded to UV- radiation sources like the OLM-018 390 AIR with a power density of 5 W/cm² @ 350 mA and 390 nm peak wavelength. These systems are used in different wavelength for research, curing and printing. They contain both the LED unit with heat sink and the driver unit including monitoring functions.

Nonnendammallee 44-61
13629 Berlin


The OSRAM GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens, is one of the two leading lighting manufacturers in the world. In fiscal year 2011 (September 30, 2011), it generated sales of around EUR 5 billion. OSRAM is a high-tech company in the lighting sector and over 70 percent of sales come from energy-efficient products. This global player employs around 41,000 people worldwide, supplies customers in approximately 150 countries and manufactures at 44 production sites in 16 countries (as of September 30, 2011).

OsTech GmbH i.G.
Boxhagener Str. 76/78
10245 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 2977304-0

Precise and Versatile Laser Diode Drivers and TEC Drivers
Our company is specialized in the development and production of electronic devices for driving laser diodes and TECs.
OsTech provides a modular system, that can supply laser diodes and TECs at different peak current and voltage ranges. All drivers offer a great variety of control options at highest precision and safety levels. OsTech users benefit not only from quickness and reliableness of our standard versions but also from our efforts to satisfy user requests to customize our products. Customized versions include compact or economic versions, drivers with special laser modes or drivers for medical devices. The LASSRC laser drivers, PELSRC TEC drivers and DIOSRC laser & TEC drivers have all the same interfaces and softcodes, independent of the current, voltage or control routines. So you can freely scale the laser in your application without any change in the interface. Our modules are small in size. The longterm stability and robustness meets very well the requirements of industrial or medical applications. The variety of preimplemented functions and routines which are well adjusted to each other help to save time and costs.

Otto Niemann Feinmechanik GmbH
Kögelstr. 7
13403 Berlin
OVA Oberflächenveredlung in Adlershof GmbH
Schwarzschildstraße 4
12489 Berlin
+49(0)30 6392 5325
+49(0)30 6392 5329
Pac Tech GmbH
Am Schlangenhorst 15-17
14641 Nauen
Panono GmbH
Dudenstr. 10
10965 Berlin
+49 30 220 128 990
Paul Rüster & Co. GmbH
Dorfplatz 12
14532 Stahnsdorf
PBC Lasers GmbH
Hardenbergstr. 36, Sekr. EW 5-2
10623 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 31427853

The company was incorporated in 2008 as a spin-off of the Solid State Physics Institute of the Technical University Berlin, Germany (TUB). The Solid State Physics Institute of TUB is a world-leading institute in the modelling and development of nanophotonic devices and their technology .
The objective of the fabless company is the development and sales of high brilliant, high power laser diodes, modules and systems targeting key applications in the mainstream market for material processing.
The product development is based on the proprietary concepts of nano-engineering of optical waves in multilayer and laterally-structured waveguides.  The concepts open ways for developing laser diodes, bars and stacks allowing scalable focusable powers at arbitrary high levels needed in the application field of material processing like laser welding, cutting, scribing and others.

PDW Analytics GmbH
Geiselbergstr. 4
14476 Potsdam/Golm
0331 27975020

Sales of Process Analytical Technologies for the measurement of optical properties of highly concentrated, turbid liquid suspensions, e.g. for in-line particle sizing in the nano- and micrometer size regime.

peka Gesellschaft für Mess-, Regelungs- und Steueranlagenbau mbH
Lipaerstr. 8
12203 Berlin
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH
Kitzingstraße 25 - 27
12277 Berlin
Petrotest Instruments GmbH & Co. KG
Ludwig-Erhard-Ring 13
15827 Dahlewitz
Pfeiffer Vakuum GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Straße 12
12489 Berlin
Photon AG
Staakener Str. 23
13581 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 364088 0


The Photon AG offers with its three subsidiaries the the whole range of innovative complete net product range of industrial metal processing with high-performance laser systems. Photon supports from the design concept to the serial production: Analysis of manufacturing tasks, advising and explaining problem solutions, process development of laser application, qualification of specialists, pre-series production, implementing the application on the customer´s premises and / or realization of series manufacturing.

Offers: Cutting, welding and soldering (2D and 3D). Laser-based production of components, manufacture and sale of special components for laser systems, as well as training and advanced training of specialist laser personnel (Laser Safety Officer).

PhotonTec Berlin GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 3
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 8340 938

PhotonTec Berlin GmbH was founded in 2010 and locates in the Center for Microsystems and Mateirals (ZMM) in the technology park Berlin-Adlershof, Germany. We are specialized in development, manufacture and marketing of diode-pumped solid state lasers and fiber-coupled diode laser modules. With years of experience in product development and management in the laser and optics industry, we work closely with our customers to ensure that our products and solution can exactly meet their requirements.

Product portfolio:
- Diode laser
- Solid state laser
- High power delivery fiber optic cable
- Fiber optic components
- Spectrometer UV-VIS-NIR
- Customized optics



pi4-robotics GmbH
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin
PicoQuant GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin

PicoQuant GmbH is a research and development company in the field of optoelectronics. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in the science and technology park Berlin-Adlershof, Germany. The company is a worldwide leader in the field of single photon counting applications. The product line includes pulsed diode lasers and LEDs, photon counting instrumentation, fluorescence lifetime spectrometers, and time-resolved confocal microscopes. PicoQuant employs currently around 50 people. Since April 2008 Sales and Support in North America is handled by PicoQuant Photonics North America Inc.

PlasmaChem GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 63926313

PlasmaChem GmbH is an innovative R&D and manufacturing company specializing in nanomaterials, plasma- and ultrathin film technologies. The company manufactures nano-coated medical implants (stents), nanomaterials, additives for metal chemical and electro-plating, new additives to engine oils on the base of nanodiamonds, and other industrial products. PlasmaChem has issued the First General Catalogue of Nanomaterials offering a complete spectrum of nanoparticles from nanodiamonds to quantum dots.

Plasmetrex GmbH
Semmelweisstr. 57
12489 Berlin
PolyAn GmbH
Rudolf-Baschant Str. 2
13086 Berlin
030 91 20 780

PolyAn GmbH – Molecular Surface Engineering
PolyAn is a nanotechnology company specialized in the modification of surfaces using Molecular Surface Engineering (MSE). Since 1996 PolyAn develops and manufactures consumables for multiplex diagnostic and LifeScience research. Our customers include well-known diagnostic companies, providers of analytic systems for agricultural and environmental applications as well as research organizations for biomarker and pharmaceutical screening.

Microarrays: PolyAn is one of the leading producers of functionalized substrates for microarrays. Our product portfolio includes both functionalized glass slides as well as ultra-transparent plastic slides, coverslips, reactive membranes and 96-well microplates.

Microparticles: PolyAn is offering a portfolio of monodisperse PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) microparticles (beads, microspheres) for multiplex bead assays, calibration of flow cytometers and calibration of fluorescence imaging systems. PolyAn’s microparticles can be colour encoded with a wide range of fluorescent dyes and functionalized with PolyAn reactive 3D-matrices. Using PMMA ensures an excellent optical brilliance and a low autofluorescence compared to Polystyrene. Its excellent biocompatibility makes our beads suitable for use in combination with living cells and organisms.

Calibration tools for fluorescence imaging systems: Re-usable calibration tools for fluorescence based detection systems. PolyAn’s calibration slides for cell assays are for example used for quality control in a number of IVD systems for immunology applications.

Molecular Surface Engineering Services: PolyAn is able to equip almost any substrate with our reactive matrices for selective immobilization and antifouling surfaces for the reduction of cell adhesion and unspecific binding, respectively. As part of our Molecular Surface Engineering services, we offer functionalized consumable and substrate materials for OEM applications, which are tailored to specified customer requirements.

Polycore Optical Europe GmbH
Benzstraße 46-50
12277 Berlin
Polytec GmbH
Schwarzschildstraße 1
12489 Berlin
+49 (0) 6392 5140
Power Light Systems GmbH
Kinzerallee 20
12555 Berlin
Praezision Optoelektronik System GmbH
Wichmannstr. 7
10787 Berlin
PRC Krochmann
Am Sandwerder 47
14109 Berlin
PREVAC Präzisionsmechanik + Vakuum GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 6
12489 Berlin
Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik GmbH
Margarethenstr. 61
19322 Wittenberge

Develeopment and production of

pressure transmitter(1 mbar up to 5.000 bar, stainless steel membrane in 304, 316l, titanium, hasteloy), also differential pressure and level transmitter

dew point sensors and humidity sensors
C02 sensors, H2 sensors
Ph sensors

with certification options as Ex, CSA, GL

also some related hardware sub-systems such as data logger

Projekt Elektronik Mess-Regelungstechnik GmbH
Am Borsigturm 52
13507 Berlin
Promess Gesellschaft für Montage- und Prüfsysteme mbH
Nunsdorfer Ring 29
12277 Berlin
Promess Gesellschaft für produktionstechn. Messen mbH
Schaffhausener Str.44
12099 Berlin
Pronova Analysentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Groninger Straße 25
13347 Berlin
PT Photonic Tools GmbH
Johann-Hittorf-Str. 8, Ebene 02, Modul 4
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6392 7800
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 12084516

           QUARTIQ supplies the software and hardware control infrastructure for complex systems in quantum communication, simulation, computation and quantum optics. Together with research and industry partners we develop new algorithms and distributed high-performance electronics for measurement and control tasks in scalable quantum technologies.

Radove GmbH
Schuchardtweg 2
13355 Berlin
rap.ID Particle Systems GmbH
Köpenicker Str. 325 Haus 40c
12555 Berlin
RapidEye AG
Molkenmarkt 30
14776 Brandenburg an der Havel
Rathenower Optik GmbH
An den Flugzeughallen 3
14712 Rathenow
Rayner Surgical GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 9
12489 Berlin

A British company and the only manufacturer of intraocular lenses in the UK. Berlin office is responsible for Sales and Marketing in Germany and Austria.

Rayner designs and manufactures intraocular lenses and proprietary injection devices for use in cataract surgery. When Sir Harold Ridley designed the world’s first IOL in 1949, he chose Rayner to manufacture this ground-breaking invention.

With more than 65 years of continuous growth and experience, we remain at the forefront of innovation. We are focused on providing the best IOLs for clinicians and patients and are driven by science to improve patient outcomes and safety.

Rayner markets its IOL portfolio and related products worldwide through a network of distributors in over 80 countries with direct markets in UK, Germany & Austria, the United States of America, Italy and Spain. We have the world’s longest commercial history of IOL design and manufacturing and have worked with cataract surgeons for longer than anyone else.

In 2016, Rayner transferred its global headquarters to a brand new state of the art manufacturing plant, which has dramatically increased the company’s production capacity.


Raytek GmbH
Blankenburger Straße 135
13127 Berlin
Reiche & Vogel B.Deltschaft / Zweigniederlassungen der H. M. Wörwag GmbH
Blumenstr. 10
13585 Berlin
Rigaku Europe SE
Groß-Berliner Damm 151
12487 Berlin
+49(0)30 6264 035-0
+49(0)30 6264 035-10
Bahnhofstrasse 6
15732 Eichwalde
RMW Rathenower Mechanik- und Werkzeugfertigung GmbH
Große Hagenstr. 1
14712 Rathenow
Robert Riele GmbH & Co. KG
Kurfuerstenstrasse 75-79
13467 Berlin
Robowatch Industries GmbH
Grünhofer Weg 17
13581 Berlin
rtb group - robotic technology business group GmbH
Grünhofer Weg 18
13581 Berlin
RTG Mikroanalyse GmbH Berlin
Schwarzschildstr. 1
12489 Berlin
rtw Röntgen-Technik Dr. Warrikhoff GmbH & Co. KG
Hildesheimer Straße 5 - 9
15366 Neuenhagen bei Berlin
Scala Electronic GmbH
Ruhlsdorfer Straße 95
14532 Stahnsdorf
Scansonic IPT GmbH
Schwarze-Pumpe-Weg 16
12681 Berlin
Scansonic MI GmbH
Schwarze-Pumpe-Weg 16
12681 Berlin
Scharnbeck Optik GmbH
Paracelsusstraße 7
14712 Rathenow
Schleicher Electronic GmbH & Co KG
Wilhelm-Kabus-Str. 21-35
10829 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 33005 - 0

Based on the core competence „PLC and CNC controls” Schleicher Electronic put the focus on system approaches for the automation industry. Our very high performance, flexible and open control technology, as well as the efficient decision making processes of a medium-size enterprise allow the design of individual solutions for laser cutting and marking machines. Comprehensive know how in dealing with complex movements as well as with the different kinds of laser beam sources guarantee an optimal conversion of the customers needs regarding functionality, design and cost efficiency into customized products.

Schmidt + Haensch GmbH & Co.
Waldstrasse 80/81
13403 Berlin
Scope-Systeme & Componenten Entwicklungs GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 3/H 3
12489 Berlin
Scopis GmbH
Blücherstr. 22
10961 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 398 20 598

Scopis develops and distributes laser-based endoscopic navigation and measuring systems for the minimal-invasive surgery. Scopis' clinical navigation products stand out by an especially short system set-up time, intuitive handling and an optimized workflow. They can be used in multiple application scenarios and allow preoperative planning of anatomical structures and their intraoperative overlay in endoscopic images (Augmented Reality).

Scopis' quality management system has been certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2010.

Bergstr. 100
16727 Velten
SECOPTA GmbH laser based sensor systems
Ostendstr. 25
12459 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 53 04 13 54

SECOPTA develops and manufactures laser spectroscopic solutions for industrial inline analysis of materials in quality monitoring, processing and recycling systems. By Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and fast chemo metric methods for outcome evaluation, the samples surface can be assessed directly in the process without special preparation. Up to 1000 measurements / s are achievable.
The autonomous systems and OEM modules of SECOPTA based on high-quality and durable components of the CryLaS laser family. They are compact, low maintenance and designed for unrestricted industrial use.
Applications are found inter alia in the recycling area for sorting of different materials and alloys, in the manufacturing industry for process monitoring and quality assurance and in the volume flow monitoring on conveyor belts, e.g. in steel industry.

Seitec GmbH
Im Gewerbepark II 5
15711 Zeesen
Selux AG
Motzener Str. 34
12277 Berlin
+49 (0)30 /72 001 - 0

The Selux Group is a leading provider of sustainable lighting solutions for both interior and exterior applications. Acting sustainably enables Selux to maintain high standards when it comes to energy efficiency, ergonomics and product design. Founded in Berlin in 1948, Selux operates today globally employing 565 staff at sites in Europe, North America and Australia. Examples of well-known projects that Selux has been involved in the past are the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, the Vieux-Port in Marseille and the 9/11 Memorial in New York.
Selux lighting solutions:

  • Exterior: modular, multifunctional, vandal-proof, historical
  • Interior: linear, modular, office-friendly, controllable
  • Customised solutions for interior and exterior lighting
SENPRO Sensortechnik GmbH
Ruhlsdorfer Str. 95; Greenpark / Haus 42
14532 Stahnsdorf
SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH (SMI)
Warthestr. 21
14513 Teltow
Sensys - Sensorik & Systemtechnologie GmbH
Rabenfelde 5
15526 Bad Saarow / OT Neu Golm
+49 333631 59 650

SENSYS was founded by Dr. Andreas Fischer in 1990 and became a well known company to develop and manufacture high precision survey and measurement equipment for magnetic and electromagnetic applications.

The product range comprises hand held iron detectors, multi channel systems to be carried or pushed, as well as large area survey systems towed by car, vessel or underwater ROVs. Beside non-invasive surveys equipment, SENSYS also produce borehole measurement systems, data analysis software and enabling GPS referencing of measurement data. Furthermore, the range of single probes and sensors is steadily growing, enabling the integration of SENSYS products in bigger systems. This is making the equipment suitable for challenging applications in the military, marine, archaeological and scientific area.

With more than 20 years of experience, SENSYS is not only delivering products to its customers but also taking care of training, service, repair and support.

SENTECH Instruments GmbH
Schwarzschildstr. 2
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 63 92 55 20

SENTECH motto “Erfolg durch Leistung” is a continuing commitment of all employees to achieve success by high standard of efficiency and customer service.

Plasma process technology

•    Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) etch of silicon, quartz, and dielectrics
•    Plasma Etch using Capacitively Coupled Plasma (CCP) sources
•    Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE)
•    Inductively Coupled Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (ICPECVD)
•    Thermal and Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PEALD)

Thin Film Metrology:

•    Spectroscopic ellipsometry
•    Laser ellipsometry
•    Reflectometry



sglux GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 3
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 53015211


The sglux GmbH develops, produces and distributes optical and electronic products for measurement, control and monitoring of UV radiation. It was founded in 2003 and has 12 employees. The majority of the manufactured instruments and devices are based on SiC photodiodes.

SHF Communication Technologies AG
Wilhelm-von-Siemens Str. 23D
12277 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 772 05 10

SHF Communication Technologies AG, Berlin, is a microwave company founded in 1983 specialized in ultra broadband RF amplifiers and measurement equipment for optical communication, instrumentation and research.
SHF's key customers could be found in the telecommunication area, in particular in companies and universities who put a high emphasis on research and development. SHF products support these customers in their work to increase and enhance the transmission capacity of optical networks by offering high quality state of the art devices operationg at the fastest possible speeds. Based on the technology SHF developed and refined in 25 years of broadband amplifiermdesign, SHF introduced a new series of small form factor amplifiers for system use in 2004. As these parts are being distributed in high quantities to well established telecom suppliers, SHF has sucessfully entered new markets and is now not only a supplier for the
research community but also for the volume industry. The product portfolio of SHF meets the growing demand for ultra high speed opto
electronic equipment by offering:

  • Bit Pattern Generators & Error Analyzers operating at over 100 Gbps,
  • Optical Transmitters & Receivers operating at over 128 Gbps,
  • Modulator Driver Amplifiers (DC to > 65 GHz) ,
  • and Passive Sub Millimeter Wave components (DC to > 110 GHz).
Sicoya GmbH
c/o TU Berlin, ER1-1, Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 314 26227

Sicoya designs, packages, and sells silicon photonics based application specific photonic integrated circuits (ASPICs) for optical data center interconnects. ASPICs are offered either as bare dies or as packaged chips.
Sicoya's unique value proposition is the cointegration of ultra fast BiCMOS electronics for driver and amplifier circuits with the photonic circuits on a single chip. The core technology comprises the worldwide smallest silicon modulator that allows for the implementation of more than 10,000 high speed modulators per square millimeter. This reduction in size directly translates into higher energy efficiency regarding the control electronics and the usage of the light from the laser source resulting in superior performance in power consumption, reliability and signal integrity. The ASPICs are co-packaged with additional CMOS ICs for clocking and data processing using novel low cost packaging approaches including pluggable optical interfaces.
This enables the scalable production of highly integrated optical transceiver ASPICs at very low manufacturing costs. Furthermore, OEMs may co-package Sicoya's bare dies with additional ASICs. ASPICs are sold to system vendors and module manufacturers in a B2B relationship.

Sikora GmbH
Ruhlsdorfer Straße 95, Haus 81
14532 Stahnsdorf
Sill Leuchten GmbH
Gewerbepark Central, Haus 17, Sickingenstr. 20-28
10553 Berlin
SIS Selectronic International Service GmbH
Märkersteig 12-16
14974 Ludwigsfelde
SiTec GmbH
Friedrich-Franz-Str. 19
14770 Brandenburg
Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH
Nonnendammallee 42
13599 Berlin
skytron energy GmbH
Ernst-Augustin-Str. 12
12489 Berlin
SLT Sensor- und Lasertechnik GmbH
Freiheitstr. 124-126
15745 Wildau
+49 03375 52 57 201
+49 3375 52 57 203
Smart Laser Systems GmbH
Hagelberg 7
14806 Belzig
Smart Pac GmbH
Am Schlangenhorst 15-17
14641 Nauen
SoliTec GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH
Voltastraße 5
13355 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 4 67 82 40

SPECS is a leading manufacturer of components and custom-designed complex systems for surface analysis. The integration of surface preparation and thin film deposition with the analysis becomes increasingly important. The applied analytical methods used are of both microscopic (scanning probe microscopies and electron microscopy) as well as spectroscopic nature (photoelectron spectroscopy with X-ray and UV light, Auger electron spectroscopy, and electron loss spectroscopy). A variety of analytical methods are further developed towards applications under environmental conditions.
In total, SPECS employs more than 130 employees at its headquarters in Berlin and at the branch office in Zurich. The employees work on design and manufacture of scientific equipment for nanotechnology, material science and other related fields.
Since more than 25 years, the know-how, experience, excellent contacts with scientists from around the world, customer service, and strict quality control of final products have been the key to our success.
A professional service and the realization of individual structures is enabled and ensured only by the excellent training of employees, who often have a scientific background in surface science.
An international network of cooperation, distribution and service partners is always ready to support customers worldwide.
The results of further and new development at SPECS are continuously installed in new applications in basic and applied research as well as in manufacture.

Spectral Electronic Forschungs- und Produktions- GmbH
Bessemerstraße 38-42
12103 Berlin
Spectrometrix Optoelectronic Systems GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Spektrum Laser-Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH
Am Schlangengraben 16
13597 Berlin
Spree Fiber GmbH
Markgrafenstraße 11
10969 Berlin
030 2325840

Spree Fiber specializes in premium networking equipment and offers optical transceivers compatible to all leading networking manufacturers.
For most of our competitors optical transceivers are a minor business, but it has been the focus of our attention for many years. Through our extensive know-how and direct contact to our manufacturers we can help to find solutions to your specific problems. In addition we offer competitive prices and unmatched availability.


Spree Hybrid & Kommunikationstechnik GmbH
Schkopauer Ring 24
12681 Berlin
Swissbit Germany AG
Wolfener Straße 36
12681 Berlin
SysCom electronic GmbH
Wattstraße 11-13
13355 Berlin
TEC Microsystems GmbH
Schwarzschildstraße 3
12489 Berlin
Technische Beratung Dr.-Ing. Giora Baum
Adolf-Martens-Str. 9 B
12205 Berlin
TechnoLab Gesellschaft für Elektronikindustrie-Service mbH
Am Borsigturm 46
13507 Berlin
030 43033160

Technolab is a services company for product qualifications.
Test methods include i.a. climate , temperature, temperature shock, and corrosion, desert conditions simulation (blowing sand, blowing dust), noxious gases, salt fog, IP protection classes, underpressure, overpressure, solar radiation, vibration and mechanical shock.
The company also executes defect analyses of electronic assemblies and qualifies PCBs, components and auxiliaries.

Technolab designs and produces ist own range of video microscopes


Tetenal-Photowerk GmbH & Co Zweigniederlassung Berlin
Selerweg 41
12169 Berlin
Theo Benning Elektrotechnik und Elektronik GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Ring 18A
15827 Dahlewitz
TKM Microelectronic GmbH & Co.KG
Jaenickestr. 82
14167 Berlin
TLTS Thin Layer Technology for Sensors GmbH
Sattlerstr. 30
14469 Potsdam
TOSS Intelligente Meßtechnik und Automatisierung GmbH
Max-Eyth-Allee 104
14469 Potsdam


Schwarzschildstr. 12
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 6392 3456

The TRIOPTICS Berlin GmbH was founded in Spring 1998 as a subsidiary of FISBA OPTIK AG (St. Gallen / Switzerland). Since Fall 2010 we are part of the TRIOPTICS group. With the help of our longtime experience in software engineering and the competence of our new parent compnay in product development we are able to offer perfect and tailor-made solutions for almost all optical metrology tasks.

Since more than 15 years we are situated in Berlin-Adlershof and offer our customers miscellaneous services around optical metrology. The main focus of our work is on software engineering but we also offer consulting and complete metrology solutions as well as selected metrology service.

A selection of our products and services:

  • Interferometry software package µShapeTM in various configurations for use in metrology labs, research and quality control
  • Modernizing of existing interferometers with up-to-date hardware and software
  • Software engineering for various optical measurement devices
  • Measurement service
  • Consulting and support for setting up special measurement systems
  • Research projects in the field of optical metrology
TuR Röntgentechnik GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 69
14469 Potsdam
ursatronics GmbH
Motzener Straße 26c
12277 Berlin
UVphotonics NT GmbH
Gustav-Kirchhoff-Straße 4
12489 Berlin
+49 (0)30-6392-2682

The UVphotonics NT GmbH is a spin-off from Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik in Berlin and from the Institute of Solid State Physic in the Technische Universität Berlin. The founder team consists of the three physicists Dr. Neysha Lobo Ploch, Dr. Jens Rass, and Dr. Tim Kolbe who all have years of experience in the field of semiconductor technology, LED design and LED production. The team is completed by the management expert Mr. Walter Gibas who contributes his experience in business administration for high tech start-ups.

UVphotonics develops and commercializes highly efficient, reliable and customizable ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) in the form of single chips and fully packaged devices. The product portfolio covers LEDs in the UV-B (280 nm - 320 nm) and UV-C (<280 nm) wavelength ranges. These devices can be used, among others, for water purification, disinfection, medical diagnostic, phototherapy, UV curing, and sensing.
UVphotonics offers flexible and customer-specific UV-sources with respect to their emission wavelength, emission characteristics, power ranges or chip layouts. Additionally, we offer consultation on the integration of the LEDs in our customer’s systems.  With these UV-LEDs “Made in Germany” UVphotonics supports their customers in improving their product solutions and we enable entirely new applications in a broad field of technologies.


uwe braun GmbH
Weinbergstr. 36
14469 Potsdam
VARIO Kristallbearbeitung GmbH
Siemensstraße 2
15711 Königs Wusterhausen
03375 / 217525

VARIO Kristallbearbeitung GmbH is mainly acting with a lot of Know How and experiences in the field of research and development in machining of brittle and hard materials, in particular silicon.

The equipment is suitable to serve research and development labs, as well as all kind of flexible applications and single products for photovoltaic supplies, photonic and semiconductor users. All established technologies to process brittle materials are offered. It starts with cutting ingots, crystals or other samples by band saw, wire saw or inner diameter saw. The right option depends of the following steps of the technology as well of the size and shape the crystals or ingots will come up. Tops and tails from monocrystal silicon ingots in preparation of the squaring process are cut by the band saw. The cropping of large crystals or ingots can also made by the wire saw.
The squaring of monocrystal ingots and multicrystal castings into bricks has to made by the band saw as a requirement for the following steps to enhance the surface of the samples.

On the other hand to cut wafer from crystal an ID saw will be used because of the high precision in very cutting small parts. For different application these wafer sometimes have to part further. This wafer dicing services is also available. Lapping and grinding are the next steps in the process to remove saw marks and surface defects and also thins the wafer and relieves a lot of stress accumulated in the wafer from the sawing process. There are a lot of different kinds of grinding processes like round grinding, flat grinding, back and plane grinding E.g. edge grinding or chamfer is an important part of this process of manufacture, otherwise the samples will be more susceptible to breakage in the coming up steps. Depending of the needs, a sample can be prepared single or double sided polished.

All these processes can and have to customize the different specifications and materials.

While the polishing process various machines and tools come into general use because the figure, thickness, size and material of the probes determine all steps to achieve the required qualities. Bow & Warp, finish roughness and TTV (presents the difference between the min and max thickness of measured wafer) are the characteristic parameter in this process.

Furthermore VARIO provides more services in this area of operation like crystallographic orientated slicing or grinding and milling of seed and crystals. Also drilling and laser labeling of the samples are offered.

Vectron International GmbH
Potsdamer Straße 18
14513 Teltow
Vectronic Aerospace GmbH
Carl-Scheele-Str. 12
12489 Berlin
vemm tec Messtechnik GmbH
Gartenstr. 20
14482 Potsdam
Verbindung mit Licht GmbH
Alte Schildower Str. 104
16548 Glienicke
VI Systems GmbH
Hardenbergstr. 7
10623 Berlin
Virtenio GmbH
Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Str. 1
10625 Berlin
Vistac GmbH
Warthestr. 21
14513 Teltow
+49 (0)3328 / 353720

Since 1998 Vistac GmbH is dealing with optical measurement applications.
Vitac's own products are electronic aids for blind and visual impaired people. Examples are the Laser Long Cane by which the protection of the upper body is enabled by a laser sensor that controls the area above the cane, or the talking colour idenitfier FAME.
Vistac GmbH also serves as a developer of Hard- and Software for different companies. According to customer order measurement and control systems as well as testing systems are developed and built. Prototyping and the production of small series are also done by Vistac GmbH.

VOG Hombach + Team GmbH
Grünauer Fenn 21
14712 Rathenow
Volatiles lighting GmbH
Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 21-35
10829 Berlin
+49 30 555 73446

volatiles lighting entwickelt die ersten intelligenten Beleuchtungsflächen für den Wohnbereich. Kern des Systems sind handtellergroße, quadratische Module, die zu individuellen Beleuchtungsflächen zusammengesetzt werden und statische wie dynamische Lichtszenen abspielen. Farben, Muster und Helligkeit lassen sich sowohl durch Berührung als auch per Smartphone-App verändern und personalisieren. Über Schnittstellen zum Smart-Home kommunizieren die Beleuchtungsflächen mit Ihrer Umwelt und passen die Beleuchtung, auf Wunsch, automatisch an. Die Technologie bleibt für den Anwender dabei stets unsichtbar.

VPIphotonics GmbH
W&P Wolf & Partner GmbH Sondermaschinen, Automatisierungstechnik und Widerstandslötgeräte
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
W.O.M . World of Medicine AG
Salzufer 8
10587 Berlin
+49 (0)30 / 399 81 550

Full Service OEM Provider
WOM is a pioneer and world leader in the field of Minimally Invasive Medicine. As a medical device company with an international focus, we have been developing and producing innovative products for over 40 years, that make surgeries as easy as possible on patients.

With its four core competencies,

  1. Cameras& Photonics (fully equipped 1-chip Medical-HD®, high-end 3-chip Medical-HD®, autoclavable 1-chip & 3-chip camera systems, high-intensity LED light source systems, established Xenon light sources, effective medical lasers, unique oncological detection probe Gamma Finder® (Sentinel Lymph Node Detection)
  2. Insufflators&Pumps (Producer of insufflation technologies for waste gas evacuation, discontinuous & quasi-continuous pressure measurement, pump technology with optimized control technology, cassette solution for tubing and multi-indication device solutions)
  3. Cardiac Thoracics Instruments (Trendsetting endoscopic vessel harvesting instrument , reusable combination instrument and a new lung retractor enhancing visualization developed especially for accessing the pleural space through the ribs)
  4. Disposables (reusable, day-patient, and disposable tubing sets) WOM offers a broad spectrum of equipment as well as disposable products for Minimally Invasive Medicine.

WOM operates exclusively in the OEM and private label business, and distributes its products to major customers and authorized distributors around the world. The company's major customers include many renowned companies in the Minimally Invasive Medicine market. WOM develops and produces customized solutions and takes care of the necessary approval procedures (e.g., CE, UL, FDA). WOM additionally supports its major customers through its Marketing and Sales Department, service training programs, as well as through clinical trials. WOM can enable you to complete your product portfolio with individual solutions.

With a turnover of more than 55 million euros (2012), the WORLD OF MEDICINE Group employs approximately 310 employees worldwide. WOM has its own production facilities in Germany (Ludwigsstadt and Reichenbach), which are certified according to international standards. With the established distribution subsidiary W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE USA, Inc. located in Orlando, Florida, the U.S. market is serviced perfectly. The needs of our customers in Asia can be fulfilled by our branch W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE ASIA, Ltd. in Hong Kong.

Werkstätten für Feinoptik Harald Meyer
Mahlerstr. 18
13088 Berlin
Werkstätten für Präzionsmechanik Günther Frey GmbH & Co. KG
Walkenrieder Straße 19
12347 Berlin
Wissenschaftliche Gerätebau Dr. Ing. Herbert Knauer GmbH
Hegauer Weg 38
14163 Berlin
Witt GmbH Industrieelektronik
Weststraße 1
13405 Berlin
Witt Sensoric GmbH
Gradestraße 48
12347 Berlin
Pankstraße 8-10
13127 Berlin
ZIM Plant Technology GmbH
Neuendorfstr. 19
16761 Hennigsdorf