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Innovative LED light source provides the highest degree of light injection with the smallest light guides

The Berliner Glas Group has very recently developed a new RGB LED light source module. With its innovative optical design, this light source provides a very high degree of light with the very smallest light guides. Up to 40 lumens can be emitted from one fiber with a diameter of 0.7 mm. This development from the Berliner Glas Group is therefore suitable for ophthalmology and other diagnostic procedures for which clear, bright, and high-contrast illumination is essential.

By using RGB LED, the color can be adjusted freely. This means that the smallest veins in the inner eye can be located with especially high contrast, for example. By specifically changing the color during the surgery, the doctor always has a view of the tissue he needs.

© RGB LED light source module made by Berliner Glas Group

In addition to the high light output of 40 lumens at the end of a thin light guide of 20 gauges and the flexible color values, which can be achieved without light filters as opposed to Xenon light sources, the RGB LED light source module provides more benefits: Its compact design – which is only 100 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm – enables easy integration in customer systems and applications. The light source also works regardless of the system and can be adapted to light guides from various manufacturers. The RGB LED light source module has a long product life while providing the same high quality of light, and is thus very environmentally-friendly.

The Berliner Glas Group will present this light source module at its exhibition booth (# 8556 in the West Hall) at this year’s BiOS on January 27 and 28 in San Francisco, USA. More information on the RGB LED light source as well as the opportunity to arrange a meeting at the trade show can be found here:

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