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Berlin/Germany, 16th September 2016

laser diodes made in Berlin play part in the largest all-sky survey of celestial objects to date.

Two laser diodes from eagleyard Photonics - based in Berlin Adlershof - are working on board at ESA’s billion-star surveyor Gaia. Our single frequency laser diodes DFB-852 in a 14-pin butterfly housing are responsible to keep the two telescopes in the right position to achieve Gaia’s mission to create the most accurate 3-D map yet of the Milky Way.

Launched 1000 days ago, Gaia started its scientific work in July 2014. Whereas the necessary fully qualified laser diodes provided by eagleyard have been shipped to the end-customer to be integrated in their system back in 2010. The first catalogue of more than a billion stars from ESA's Gaia satellite has now been published as a taster of the richer catalogue to come in the near future. This first release is based on data collected during its first 14 months of scanning the sky, up to September 2015.

On its way to assembling the most detailed 3D map ever made of our Milky Way galaxy, Gaia has pinned down the precise position on the sky and the brightness of 1142 million stars. It also features the distances and the motions across the sky for more than two million stars.
At the European Space Agency website you will find all detailed information about this fascinating mission – please go to ESA Website or use this link
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About eagleyard:
eagleyard Photonics’ core competence is the development, production and sale of innovative high-power laser diodes based on GaAs (Gallium Arsenide). Its portfolio contains laser diodes with wavelengths ranging from 633 nm to 1120 nm. These laser diodes are addressing a variety of applications such as aerospace and defense, spectroscopy, medical instrumentation, test & measurement and material analysis. The Portfolio is split in five product families: Single Mode Laser Diodes, Single Frequency Laser Diodes, Multimode Laser Diodes, Tapered Amplifiers and Gain Chips. eagleyard is represented worldwide, in particular in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. eagleyard Photonics started as a spin-off from the Ferdinand-Braun Institut (FBH) in 2002. In 2013 Toptica Photonics AG has acquired the majority ownership of Berlin-based eagleyard Photonics GmbH. For more information, please visit our website at

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