The Berliner Glas Group remains on its path to growth The expansion of the Berlin location is in focus


21. März 2018

After 2016, 2017 was another record year for the Berliner Glas Group: Sales increased by 15.6 % to EUR 193 million. Each business area contributed to this success. The Semicon and Photonics Solutions segments, which deliver solutions for the chip industry as well as OLED display manufacturing, recorded the highest growth rates.

The number of employees in the Berliner Glas Group increased to 1,334. This is an increase of 12.7 % compared to the previous year. In total, more than 25 million euros were invested in production and
measurement processes. The R&D rate was 11 %.

And this growth continues. It should even accelerate during the current year. An increase to sales of almost 20 % is expected. “We want to continue to grow faster than the market and gain new shares in our market segments. We are on a good path, which is shown by the very high level of incoming orders, among other things”, says Dr. Andreas Nitze, CEO of the Berliner Glas Group.

nvestment in production processes, innovation, and personnel is increasing in order to continue providing customers with solutions of the usual quality and in the desired time frame within the medical technology, laser and space technology, semiconductor industry, metrology, and display industry

The expansion of the production area at the Berlin headquarters is in full gear. The investments already made in 2017 and those planned for 2018 are multiplying previous production capacities many times over. With these new production spaces, of which many are clean rooms, the enhanced plant, and the optimized processes, the Berliner Glas Group is very well prepared for the challenges of the current year and those of subsequent years.

One essential, limiting factor is the availability of skilled staff. 200 new employees are to be brought on during the current year in Berlin alone. We are looking for employees in every business segment, such as development, production, support departments, and sales.

Qualified precision opticians are needed for the volume production of optical key components, assemblies, and systems in particular. Since availability in Germany is severely limited, the company is forging new paths here. For example an internal training program for precision optician assistants was developed. Anyone with technical training, such as precision engineers, flat glass mechanics, opticians, dental technicians, watchmakers,  microtechnologists, or physics lab technicians, can participate in this eight-week training program and learn the various production techniques and work procedures in precision optics.

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The BERLINER GLAS GROUP is one of the world’s leading providers of optical key components, assemblies and systems as well as high-quality refined technical glass. With more than 1,400 employees, the BERLINER GLAS GROUP develops, produces and integrates optics, mechanics and electronics into innovative system solutions for its customers. As OEM partners from concept to volume production, the BERLINER GLAS GROUP companies serve innovative customers in various market segments – semiconductor industry, laser and space technology, medical technology, metrology and the display industry.